BMW S1000RR2023: More powerful, sophisticated, and equipped with wings

LRumours and speculations about the new BMWs 2023 started to swirl around at the start of September. They gradually became more concrete and interesting until today’s official unveiling of the very juicy Bavarian novelty, the The BMW S1000RR 2023.

Aerodynamics and aesthetics

It hasn’t been revolutionized aesthetically, but it is obvious that the tail has been restyled. Front flaps They are so obvious that it is impossible to not notice them. Similar to the M1000RR currently in use (click here for the full article). maxi comparative It was deployed in the following manner: They join under the central intake, making the nose of S.

BMW S1000RR 2023
BMW S1000RR 2023 winglets
BMW S1000RR 2023
BMW S1000RR 2023

They can lead to 10kg weight Depending on speed, the higher and more protective glass, along with the perforated upper steering plates, will compensate for the greater aerodynamic resistance caused by the appendages.

BMW S1000RR 2023: Updated engine

However, the changes are more numerous when you dig deeper, starting with the engine. You can see the four lines with variable valve timing. ShiftcamIt has been upgraded to both the intake and cylinder head, which produces a much better product. 3hp extra peakThese can be used to achieve a maximum speed of between 210 and 13,750 rpm. They are accompanied with a shorter gear ratio due to a 46-tooth (+1) chainsring and highly developed electronics. We still have ride-by-wire and a six axis inertial platform which manage the work of the driving assistances. These are included in the four riding modes as well as the optional Race Pro.

BMW S1000RR 2023
BMW S1000RR 2023


Maximum power at 13,750 rpm

A novelty of real value is provided by Additional sensor to measure the steering angleIt was possible to separate integrate drift control functions when exiting and entering corners. It is not something all BMW S1000RR 2023 owners will use, but it is an added feature that, along with the new “Slick” mode for ABS, the BMW electronics package can be One of the most customizable and sophisticated In circulation

Everything changes in the cycling odds

What about the chassis? The Munich engineers were also eager to improve this part. Although the engine was still stressed in the Flex Frame’s double aluminum beam called Flex Frame, it was no longer used. Laterally perforated In several points, in order to maximize lateral flexibility.

BMW S1000RR 2023 electronics
BMW S1000RR 2023
BMW S1000RR 2023 brakes


Complete odm with the M package

Not only that: the inclination of the steerer rises from 23.1 to 23.6 °, the trail from 93.9 to 99.8mm and the wheelbase from 1.441 to 1.457mm. Search all changes Greater stability, driving precision, and feeling The front of the vehicle is equipped with the swingarm pivot, which can be adjusted in height just like the M-RR.

Semi-active and optional Packages

A lighter version is also available as a standard Lithium batteryThere is still the possibility of getting the S1000RR with semi-active DDC suspensions. Dynamic package You can also get Pro riding modes, cruise control, and heated grips.

BMW S1000RR 2023
BMW S1000RR 2023
BMW S1000RR 2023 wings

These are the other main packages. Race You can choose to have the Akrapovic complete exhaust or M Endurance titanium silencer and Akrapovic titanium chain. M.. This includes a dedicated livery, adjustable feetpegs, a sport saddle, and carbon rims that can be replaced with aluminum forgings.

The bottom line is that there’s a lot of meat on fire. We cannot wait to try it!

BMW S1000RR 2023

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