Can a Motorcycle Tow a Trailer?

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Owning a motorcycle has many benefits. You can travel anywhere you like, at very little cost. Towing a trailer is a huge benefit for those who frequently roadtrip.

Can a motorcycle be towable with a trailer? It is possible to tow your motorcycle on a trailer. However, you need to have the right combination of motorcycle displacement and lightweight trailer.. Be sure to consult your manufacturer’s shop manual for any special requirements that may be listed.

Every motorcycle can be towable, but not all models have the right engine or transmission. There are several models that can tow, including cruiser motorcycles, touring motorcycles and adventure motorcycles.

How to determine if your bike can tow a trailer

You need to find out if your trailer is compatible with towing. While motorcycles aren’t necessarily designed to tow, it is possible to fit a motorcycle with a tow package, otherwise called a hitch. If your bike is:

  • It has a large enough engine. A 1000cc engine would be a good starting point.
  • Has a compatible Gross vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR).
  • A hitch has been installed. This is an aftermarket component.

Tow is possible only if you have the right horsepower. 1000cc is a good starting point as it will produce approximately 130-180 horsepower depending upon the specific displacement and drive train. A smaller engine simply won’t have the power to tow at speed.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating or GVWR is also a factor in the ability to tow your motorcycle. This is the maximum weight that your motorcycle can tow.

You will find the GVWR on your motorcycle or in the owners manual. This weight is vital to know for towing, as it is used to calculate towing costs. Carrying capacity Your motorcycle. You will also need a gross rating for the trailer you use, which adds to the total GVWR.

The wet weight Your motorcycle’s weight is its weight in a ready to ride condition. This includes the rider and passenger as well as any items that are going into the trailer.

The motorcycle’s carrying capacity is the maximum weight it can safely transport. It is calculated by subtraction of the GVWR and the wet weight. Knowing these numbers will help you avoid overloading your bike. This will result in poor performance, handling, safety, and safety.

The tongue weight of your trailer is another important weight. This refers to the force exerted by the tongue on the hitch. Manufacturers suggest that tongue weight should be 10% – 20% of the trailer’s total weight. So, if your loaded trailer weighs 200 lbs, the tongue weight will be about 20lbs – 40lbs.

You will need to attach the trailer to your motorcycle using a hitch. The hitch is an aftermarket component and will require only a few basic tools. There are many types of hitches, but the most popular is the ball hitch. You will also need chains and hooks to attach the trailer to your bike. This adds an extra layer of safety.

Many reliable brands offer a wide range of options, colors, and accessories for motorcycle trailers. If you’re in the market for a used trailer, do your due diligence before purchasing to make sure the trailer is in satisfactory condition. Safety will be further assured by regular maintenance and repairs.

Safety Tips When Towing A Motorcycle

Safety is always the first priority. Towing motorcycles adds risk to the already dangerous sport of motorcycle riding. Take the extra steps–some of which have been mentioned above–to protect yourself and others on the road. These are some more safety tips to safely tow a motorcycle.

Before you ride, inspect your motorcycle and trailer carefully. Make sure to check fluids, tire pressures and the condition of chain, suspension and brakes. Check all lights and adjust mirrors. You should also inspect the vehicle for other problems and make repairs if necessary.

Check that the hitch has been properly attached and that safety chain are securely fastened. Tip: If the trailer becomes disconnected while driving, make sure to cross the chains and allow for a little slack.

Second, and most importantly, pay attention to the weight ratings of the bike, trailer, and secure cargo. Make sure to weigh your gear before you go on your trip. To prevent weight shifting, make sure that your cargo is secured in the trailer

Use straps or chords to secure your trailer or open trailer. If the trip is longer than a day, make sure to check your cargo before you get back on the road.

Third, practice towing in a quiet area for beginners. You should find a place that allows you to practice acceleration, braking, turning, and both. You can use empty parking lots, parks, and back roads as practice areas. You should have some weight in your trailer. An empty trailer can bounce around and cause problems.

Fourth, motorbike trailers do not have brakes so braking will be different. For extra weight, it is important to allow extra time and distance for braking. It may take mental effort to calculate distances and apply brakes differently. To ensure that other motorists are safe, signal turns earlier.

To give the trailer more clearance from obstructions or curbs, make wider turns. The trailer’s weight can make turning difficult. Make sure to balance the trailer. You should avoid pedestrians and signs when turning left. There may be vehicles or center dividers that you need to avoid when turning left.

Fifth, be aware of the speed limit and follow it. This will ensure that the trailer tracks smoothly. Speed limits vary by state and area. Be aware and keep within the limit. This is not only to uphold the law but it will also help you with your reaction time to traffic, road conditions and fuel economy.

Sixth, park so you can pull away from the curb without being impeded. It will be difficult to back up on your bike with a trailer, especially if you have oncoming traffic. If possible, park in a spot where you can pull away without needing to reverse or steer. Make sure that your trailer is not parallel to the road when parking.

All of these precautions should be taken in addition to the primary safety measures like wearing a helmet, using protective gear, and complying with traffic laws. Pay attention to weather changes and be ready to react. Take extra care when driving off paved roads to ensure traction.

Towing a trailer behind a motorcycle poses an additional safety concern. The manufacturer doesn’t take towing into account when designing their motorcycles. Your motorcycle’s handling will be affected greatly, so it is important to take this into consideration. However, experienced riders can tow trailers without any problems if they follow these safety tips.

Why tow? A trailer can be an excellent accessory to your trip. Whether you’re going camping or just going across the country, having a trailer provides a lot of extra cargo capacity. There are many types of trailers available, from simple cargo trailers to fully loaded camper trailers. You can also find tons of blogs online that focus on traveling with a trailer and motorcycle.

Is it dangerous to tow a trailer on a motorcycle?

Towing will cause extra wear to your bike due to the increased engine and transmission performance. Towing the bike only a few times per year will not cause any significant damage. It is important to maintain proper maintenance.

Brakes and tires are the most common components to fail. Towing can reduce the life expectancy of brakes and tires compared to regular riding. The trailer’s extra weight exerts a greater amount of force on tires. Similar to the trailer’s additional weight, it creates extra kinetic energie that causes the brakes to work harder.

You should inspect your motorcycle on a regular basis, including the brakes and tires. To maximize the life of your tires, ensure that you maintain a good tire pressure. You can reduce wear and tear on your brakes by taking more time to brake. This will keep the brakes cool and cause less damage. Your brakes will also be saved if you slow down.


Towing a trailer with your motorcycle on a cross-country trip can be an amazing experience. Make sure you take extra safety precautions, and that your equipment is in top condition. Practice trailering and loading your trailer before you take a trip. While things might not work out the same way, it can still be fun to tow a trailer.

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