Can Motorcycles Park in Striped Areas

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A motorcycle ride gives riders a sense freedom. Being on the open road can be quite a refreshing experience. Some motorcycle riders may get the wrong idea of what their motorcycles can do.

You might have noticed that many motorcycles are parked in the designated areas of the parking lot when you go to the grocery or similar place. Whether or not you’ve done this yourself, you may be wondering if this is a legitimate way to park your motorcycle.

Can motorcycles be parked in areas with stripes? If not posted otherwise, motorcycles are not permitted to park in the striped areas of any lot. In order to ensure safety and accessibility for disabled people, emergency vehicles, and parked vehicles, stripes are used. The same parking rules apply to motorcycles as for other motor vehicles.

Because it is easy to access for a motorcycle, and the area looks safe, it can be tempting to park your motorcycle in one of these areas. There are certain areas that were designated as free from parking and you could face hefty tickets if you park in them.

Why Motorcycles Can’t Park In Striped Areas

It’s very easy to think that striped areas in parking lots are a convenient, easy way to park your motorcycle. You’ll hear of a lot of motorcyclists who have parked on the striped lines plenty of times and have never gotten a ticket.

There are usually two big reasons why motorcycles park in places like this with the first being that motorcyclists don’t want to take up a whole parking space for their vehicle which is much smaller than a car.

The second reason people justify parking their motorcycle there is because they don’t want to run the chance of a car driver thinking the spot the motorcycle is parked in is open and drive in only to ram the back of the motorcycle.

These are legitimate concerns. However, it is illegal to park on stripes in many states. While motorcycles do have some exemptions from the laws that apply to motor vehicles, other motor vehicles are not. However, they must still follow the same parking rules as other motor vehicles.

You can’t park on striped lines in a lot with a motorcycle because you might block access for handicapped people. There are striped lines in the parking lot surrounding a handicap spot for a reason and it’s not for you to park your motorcycle.

Many handicap vehicles provide transportation for people with disabilities who are in wheelchairs and can ride on the back. These vehicles have ramps that extend from the sides to help the wheelchair-bound person get out of the vehicle.

The striped lines are designated for those ramps; they’re a signal for drivers around that they should be aware those lines for that very reason. You can limit the space that a wheelchair-bound person can use to park their motorcycle.

You may think that some of the places you park your motorcycle wouldn’t be in the way of any ramps if you park in certain places between the stalls. That way you’re not obstructing anyone’s accessibility, right? Wrong. Parking lots often have striped lines that allow wheelchair users to move freely without needing to get out in the busy parking lot traffic.

It is illegal to park on striped lines and a motorcycle, as it could endanger emergency vehicles. You are not only preventing emergency vehicles from parking in the most convenient location, but you could also damage your motorcycle.

If you’re in the way of an emergency vehicle and parked illegally, the emergency vehicle has a right to simply tip or possibly run over your motorcycle with no repercussions on their part. It will all be your fault for illegally parking it, which can lead to serious damage.

Parking lots may have some areas with striped lines that aren’t accessible for disabled people or emergency vehicles. Slivers of corners that couldn’t possibly be big enough to turn into a parking spot are lined off as well as sharp corners in parking lot routes so drivers don’t cut those corners and hit a car are common places to see stripes.

Parking your motorcycle in these spots is still illegal even if it seems like they don’t have any specific reasons why they’re there. The lot owners had these lined off for a reason that may not be obvious to you, but it’s best to just stay away.

Can Motorcycles Park On Sidewalks?

You may be curious if your motorcycle can be parked on sidewalks. You’ll hear and see a lot of motorcyclists doing this with no tickets.

It is illegal to park on sidewalks at businesses and grocery shops unless permission is given by the manager. Just like you can’t park a car on a sidewalk, you can’t park a motorcycle on one either.

This can cause foot traffic to be slowed and even drive some pedestrians insane. This can also prevent delivery drivers from delivering large packages directly to businesses. You don’t want pedestrians getting upset that your motorcycle is parked on a sidewalk. They also have easy access and can vandalize it. For more information, see my article.

Here are some tips to help you park legally

It’s understandable to not want to park your motorcycle in a normal parking spot and resort to the striped lines. Drivers can see you better that way and it’s much more convenient for you as the driver.

If you park your bike on the striped lines, tickets can be very expensive. Walking an extra 20 – 30 feet is worth saving yourself from getting a $250 ticket from parking in the wrong spot.

You can park legally while still being noticed by other drivers. The first step would be to look at the parking lot and see if there is designated bike parking.; a lot of businesses have these but they’re usually in less obvious places yet pretty close to the entrance.

Another option is to find another motorcycle and park in a similar spot. It’s usually okay to share a parking spot with another motorcycle and most motorcyclists don’t mind you doing so because it gives their bike a little more protection and notice from other drivers.

Paid meter parking is exempt from this rule. One motorcycle per paid meter parking space is permitted. Any second motorcycle trying to park in the same spot will be ticketed.

If these options aren’t available, you’ll simply need to park in a normal parking spot. To make your motorcycle easily visible, park in a spot between two cars. Don’t pull in all the way and try to keep the back tire as noticeable as possible.

A neon-colored flag can be attached to the back of your motorcycle, so that car drivers will find it easier when searching for a parking spot. For more information on sharing a spot to park with another motorcyclist, see my article here.

Parking Rules in Individual States

Some people may be curious if the laws discussed are applicable to their state. All states require that motorcycles park in the same manner as other motor vehicles. However, there are a few exceptions.

I have yet to see a state that allows motorcycles to be parked on stripes. As a rule of thumb, never park on striped lines because you don’t know who you’re blocking and who you’ll annoy with the wrong temper.

Don’t risk your motorcycle getting a ticket, having it get hit by a car cutting a corner, or having it get hit by a handicap vehicle ramp. Take the proper safety precautions when parking in a normal parking spot and you’ll be just fine.

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