Ducati Panigale R 2023: Homologation Special Starting at 240.5hp

P.We come from the most impressive figure in all of the Panigale V4R 2023: 240.5hp Declared in the track configuration, Full exhaust And Shell lubricant The dry clutch is only compatible with this version, which has been specially designed with anti-friction additives.

It was just a few decades ago. MotoGP value Today, Ducati has his offer for today Homologation Special The following are the recommendations: SBK World Champion Al also has the ability to V4 From 998cc Just keep the standard exhaust, so it can be used for an aperitif. The Euro 5 has resulted in 3hp less in the V4 R than it did in the past. These may be sufficient. 218cv Happy hour

Panigale V4 R 2023

Panigale V4 R 2023: how much does 240.5hp cost?

The price for such sidereal performance is in any case quite high and not at all random. It is indeed expensive to buy V4 R 2023 43,990 euros, A figure that is just below the ceiling imposed under the WSBK regulation. This limit rises to – brace yourself – 51,525 euros In racing configuration, With Akrapovic Double exit below the tail e Cover for clutch Open in carbon

Panigale V4 R 2023: Akrapovic

Much of the € 12,200 more than a V4 S is sought within the Desmosedici Stradale R, which confirms the limiter a 16,500 rpm In sixth 500 turns The other gears are lower.

The Desmosedici Stradale R: Secrets of the Desmosedici Stradale

The technical features of the Panigale V4 R 2023 include the Connecting rods type titanium “Gun drilled”, The barrel was perforated to allow oil to pass from head to foot. This is a new approach to road motorbike engines.

There are also the Pistons The treatment Carbon like diamond To reduce friction, the direction that the single sealing segment goes is also changed. This adds 5 grams to each weight reduction.

Panigale V4 R 2023
Panigale V4 R 2023
Panigale V4 R 2023

All this (and much more) is available for Maximize reliability In intensive use High revs. Camshafts with higher lift are also affected by these changes Take hornsIt can be shortened by 5mm They have been designed to be used in conjunction with the racing exhaust.

The new one is for the rest V4 R This page has been updated Aerodynamic innovations Electronic Introduced on Panigale Featuring great series 2022, Moreover, the revised gear ratio is available with second, third, and sixth gears.

Panigale V4 R 2023

However, unlike the V4 S here the Suspension I am ÖhlinsNPX25 / 30 At the front, e TTX36 at the rear – mechanical; the height the pivot of swingarm, Four positions can be adjusted in increments of 2mm. The standard setting is at level +1. Together, they raise the rear and the center gravity of the bike.

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