Famous Motorcycle Gangs: Everything You’d Like To Know

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I often get people asking me if I have ever met a biker gang
You can find me on the road.  No I haven’t, and you
probably wouldn’t realize it if you did meet a motorcycle gang member unless
They had their vest on.  They are very.
There are fewer motorcycle riders than there are motorcycle gang members.

Before I get started, let me make one thing clear.  Many of these gangs have been involved in criminal activities throughout their history.  This does not necessarily mean that every member of these clubs is a criminal.  Many members just want to be brothers and have a ride with others.

People who are nervous about meeting new people should consider my advice
Motorcycle gangs are always the same.  Be
respectful to them and leave them alone and you’ll be perfectly fine.

In this article I’ll outline all the famous motorcycle gangs, where they’re located, membership numbers, and some of the things they did to become famous.  The most well-known motorcycle gangs are:

  • Hell’s Angels
  • Bandidos
  • Mongols
  • Pagan’s Motorcycle Club
  • Sons of Silence
  • Outlaws Motorcycle Club
  • Vagos Motorcycle Club
  • Highwaymen Motorcycle club
  • Free Souls Motorcycle Club
  • Road Knights
  • Brother Speed
  • Notorious
  • Rock Machine
  • Warlocks Motorcycle Club
  • Dragons Motorcycle Club

Hell’s Angels

Current Membership: 2500 members

The Hell’s Angels Motorcycle Club was founded in 1948 in
Fontana, California. It was originally a World War 2 area.
veterans.  They saw themselves to be misfits
outcasts, and found brotherhood riding with men who were also in their shoes
Served in the war.

San Francisco was the first city to charter the club.
Gardena, Fontana, Oakland.  The club
They gained fame through the famous films that featured them, especially in the

Hell’s Angels members are typically white males though there are a few members from minority races.  A person accused of child molestation and/or applying to be a cop disqualifies them from becoming a member.

The United States Department of Justice defines Hell’s
Angels is an organized crime syndicate that has been involved since its inception.
Many illegal activities have been committed over the years. 
The club is outlawed in the Netherlands.
There are many charters and groups that have been banned around the world.


Current Membership: 5,000 Members

The Bandido’s Motorcycle club was founded in 1966 in San
Leon, Texas.  They are also known as
As “Bandido Nation” and have the motto “We are the people our parents warned us
about”.  There are currently 210 chapters
Available in 22 countries

The club consists mostly of Hispanic men, but
They do not have any rules against people of other races joining the club.  The club was founded in its early days.
Most Vietnam vets who returned from war felt rejected by their new country.
a country.  They joined forces to
Enjoy a common interest, and it grew quickly from there.

The clubs membership is concentrated within the southeast.
Midwest United States and many other locations around the world.

Club members have been charged with numerous drug and gun offenses. However, club members insist that these are individual problems and not the club as a whole.  A whole list of murders have occurred in Texas, which led to the convictions of club members.

Mongols Motorcycle Club

Current Membership: 2,000 Members

The Mongols Motorcycle Club is also referred to as “Mongol
Nation” by many people and was founded in Montebello, California in 1969.  Most club members are from southern California.
California has organized chapters, but there are 14 states and 10 nations with them.

The club’s official motto is “respect few, fear none” And
They seem to live by this motto wholeheartedly.  Mongols members have been involved in
Since their inception, they have been the subject of a lot of criminal activity. 
They were heavily involved in drug trading and money laundering.
Robbery and extortion, gun traficking, murder, assault, among many other felonies

Club insists that these are individual club actions
Members and not the club as a whole. 

1998 saw the infiltration of the club by a federal agent who rose to the top.
Vice-president of one chapter.  He was able convict 54 club members
With felony charges within a matter of two year. 
Four more federal agents were able infiltrate the club in 2008.
110 other people were arrested for felony offenses.

Many attempts have been made against the use of the
Mongol’s patch, saying that it is an emblem of domestic terrorism.  All attempts to ban the patch were unsuccessful.
Reported in court.

Pagan’s Motorcycle Club

Current Membership: 1,350 Members

The Pagans were founded in 1958 in Prince George’s County,
Maryland.  They began as harmless.
A motorcycle riding club made up of men with Triumphs or Nortons quickly grew.
The end of the Vietnam War.

In recent years, membership has declined and members are no longer needed
You are only permitted to ride Harley Davidson motorcycles with a capacity of 1000cc or larger.  The club’s members are located in the northeast.
US, and have often had fights over land with members from Hells Angels.

The 1%er was first invented by the Pagans.
Most motorcycle clubs use the patch extensively.  In the 1970’s their membership grew to 5,000 members
John is the man who authored this book “Satan” Marron.

The requirements for membership are minimal.
Pagans.  Only requirements I could think of.
My research revealed that my members must be at least 21 years old and have had a minimum of one year.
A Harley that is at least 1,000cc.

Over the years, Pagans have been involved in drug trafficking in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.  There have been many members convicted of murder and assault, most of which was directed at rival gang Hell’s Angels.

Sons of Silence

Current Membership: 200 Members

In 1966, Niwot in Colorado was home to the Sons of Silence.
It quickly spread to many other states in the Midwest, and Southeast US.  The club spread to Europe in the early 2000’s
It has continued to grow slowly since then.

Their logo is a copy the Budweiser logo. It features a bald Eagle.
Flying through an A.  Their motto is
“donec mors non separate”Meaning. “until death separates us”.

Two federal agents spied on the club several years ago.
They were active members for 2 years, while gathering evidence against
Other members  250 Law Enforcement
Officers dismantled several Colorado chapters and detained 39 members.
The club, including its president.

Federal agents seize dozens of illegal weapons.
Hand grenades. homemade bombs. drugs. Stealed motorcycles. And mounds of stolen.
cash.  According to a news report the
Sons of Silence were the biggest meth-traffickers in the country.

One of the local chapters was protected by a 1.5” thick
Steel door. Inside one of the closets, was Adolf Hitler’s shrine.
It has a vulgar sign with weapons attached below.

Since the collapse of the federal agent, Colorado’s membership hasn’t grown in number.

Outlaws Motorcycle Club

Current Membership: 700 members

In McCook, Illinois, the Outlaws Motorcycle Club (or American Outlaws Association) was founded in 1935.  It is one of the oldest motorcycle clubs in existence.  Their main rivals are members from Hells Angels motorcycle club, which gave rise to their motto “ADIOS”, meaning “Adios”. “Angels Die In Outlaw States”. 

The club membership declined significantly after WW2.
Many of the members were deployed in Europe but they grew even more.
After the war.  There are several
International motorcycle clubs also call themselves the Outlaws.
These clubs do not belong to the American club.

There are many indictments and convictions.
Members of the AOA include gun and drug trafficking as well as murder, assault, and illegal
Possession of firearms, extortion and other charges.  Different AOA chapters are available across the country.
Every few years federal agents raid the homes of gun owners.
Drugs and often a few arrests.

2015 saw the AOA celebrate their 80th birthday.Th Parties and rallies held around the globe to celebrate the anniversary. Members are given commemorative patches and middle fingers with the letters AOA.

Vagos Motorcycle Club

Current Membership: 4000 members

San Bernardino is where the Vagos Motorcycle Club was created.
California, 1965.  The club is also
As “Green Nation” Because riders often wear green clothing or ride in green,
green motorcycles.  Their insignia reads:
Photo of Loki riding a motorcycle, the god of mischief.

The club’s motto is “We Give What We Get”.  The club membership is the most prominent in the
The western US has some chapters in many countries around the globe.  To pay tribute to the deceased, the club is wearing green.
Mexican founders of the club.

Vagos, which means Vago in Spanish, is the name of the company.
Vagabond, wanderer.  Most club members
A patch embroided with the letters MF (Motorbike Family) will be sent to you
After a period of probation for several years. 
Vagos members may also wear green swastikas containing the letters SS
Below it.

California arrested more than 30 Vagos members in 2010
To create homemade bombs and booby traps in an attempt to hurt the police
officers.  These arrests were followed up by
California police officers made numerous arrests and later seized many of the items.
Guns, large quantities of drugs, and the discovery of several meth labs owned or controlled by the

Many federal agencies have classified the group as an urban terrorist and they pose a threat for law enforcement officers.  Vagos often has run-ins against other motorcycle clubs which end badly for both.

Highwaymen Motorcycle club

Current Membership: 800

Detroit is the home of The Highwaymen Motorcycle Club.
Michigan in 1954.  The club was founded in 1954.
Many well-publicized federal raids and investigations involved
Throughout the years.  Most members still live.
In the Eastern US and has not been widely spread to the west.

Their logo is a black and white winged skeleton with a beard.
Jacket and cap.  The Highwaymen are
Violence has resulted in the Detroit Federation of Motorcycle Clubs being closed.

In Detroit, the Detroit Highwaymen Clubhouse was condemned
2010 was a drug den, and it is still vacant. 
In 2007, 40 Highwaymen were arrested by the FBI in Detroit.
Racketeering and murder, as well as assault and cocaine trafficking, and vehicle theft are all possible charges
There are many other felonies.

The FBI conducted a large-scale sting operation that involved two undercover agents who were members of the motorcycle club.  One of them was killed for spying on members of the motorcycle club. 

Free Souls Motorcycle Club

Current Membership: 200

In Eugene, Oregon, Harley Davidson motorcycle riders founded the Free Souls Motorcycle Club in 1968.  The group’s clubhouse and headquarters are still in Eugene today. 

The group’s motorcycle patch is the Egyptian hieroglyphic of
An ankh stands in front a bike wheel and handlebars.  The ankh represents life.  The club’s colors are blue and white, which
This is what rival clubs refer the Free Souls to as. 

The club also has small chapters in Australia.
Europe’s membership numbers are small and declining rapidly,

In 2010, the group was not mainstream news. This was for a good reason.  Several club members were at a meeting in Salem, Oregon when a neighbor’s SUV caught on fire.  The Free Souls called 911, but they put out most of it before the local fire crews arrived.  They acted quickly to save the house from burning down.

Road Knights

Current Membership: Less Than 100

In southern New Zealand, The Road Knights was established in 1979.
and has never seen such a large number.  There are currently three chapters worldwide.
The United States, Netherlands and Thailand.

Road Knights have had an ongoing feud with Mongrel Mob. In 2008, it reached its boiling point when Mongrel Mob set fire to their headquarters and took several motorcycles from them.  The former leadership members are either in jail or have dispersed.

Brother Speed

Current Membership: 250 members

Boise was the birthplace of The Brother Speed Motorcycle Club.
Idaho was founded in 1969 by a group high school friends.  An advertisement was placed in the local paper by the friends.
Seek out people in the area that are interested in riding together.
About 20 people attended the first meeting. 
After choosing a name, logo and starting the club, it was established.

The club’s patch is a black and gold winged skull with a
Cap, goggles and scarf.  At this point
Only two chapters exist in Idaho and Oregon.

Many members of the club were involved in a huge pileup accident while riding out of Wilsonville, Oregon.  26 riders were hurt and 1 rider died in the crash.  Brother Speed has not seen as much crime as other clubs in the region.


Current Membership: 150

Wuppertal was the birthplace of The Notorious Motorcycle Club.
Germany in 2013.  The club’s logo is a
A cap and cigar make this a half-skeleton/half-human face.  This new club should not be confused with
Notorious Motorcycle Club was an Australian organization that existed but has since been disbanded.

The club was started by three friends to help each other.
People to ride together.  The club has
Since then, the club has expanded to London, England. It is slowly growing in Europe.  The club is not represented in the United States.
Or Oceania at the moment.

The club is newer than all other motorcycle clubs. It has not been involved in any government raids nor large-scale illegal activities.

Rock Machine

Current Membership: 1,200

Rock Machine was started in Montreal, Canada, in 1986.
Salvatore Cazzetta.  There are currently
Six chapters in Canada, six in America, and eight in Australia.  The Rock Machine Motorcycle Club is
The drug trade has been a lucrative business venture that saw the Hells Angels club competing for decades with them

Rock Machine was heavily involved with the Quebec biker conflict
Between 1994 and 2002, there were more than 160 deaths and many more injuries.  The Club was disbanded and renamed the Bandidos Club
in the mid-2000’s and then a new one started again in 2007.

Rock Machine Motorcycle Club Canada’s current chapter claims to have changed and is not interested in criminal activity. 

Warlocks Motorcycle Club

Current Membership: 500

The Warlocks Motorcycle Club, founded in Florida in 1967, was created.
Several US Navy veterans who served aboard the USS USS Atlantic were among them.
Shangri-La.  There are currently no chapters
In the USA, Canada, England, and Germany. 
The Mother Chapter is located in Orlando, Florida.

The club’s logo is a red and yellow flaming phoenix.

1991 saw the club being infiltrated and a cover agent was sent to arrest several people on drug and weapons charges.

Dragons Motorcycle Club

Current Membership: 500

Tobie Gene Levingston founded the Dragons Motorcycle Club in Oakland, California in 1959.  This club is for Harley Davidson riders only. It is all-male and all-black.  Although the club was initially founded as a car club, members were getting into so many fights that they suggested the club switch to a motorcycle club.  Because motorcycles are more discreet and make it easier for officers to avoid you, the switch was made.

Because there were only two Harley Dealerships within the region, and Harley didn’t sell to African-American customers at the time, it proved difficult for members to obtain Harley Davidsons.  All members of the club were familiar with motorcycles and would need to purchase them from white riders.

The Dragons are the 2nd The oldest in all black
The motorcycle club has the largest membership in the world, and is more popular than the 1st

There was a lot of involvement by the Dragons and Black Panthers
They were able to share their early experiences with one another and attended as many civil rights meetings as possible
To show support for black rights, they participated in as many parades and activities possible

Today, the Dragons strive to be very involved in community.
Oakland Schools and poor families are served by fundraising efforts.
area.  The Dragons were even honored
After their National Championship, 2015 saw the Golden State Warriors take to the streets with them.
Title of Champion

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