Four easy methods to find your motorcycle’s paint code

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You might need to know your motorcycle’s paint code for many reasons. You might want to paint the entire motorcycle, or just one part. You might be curious to learn more.

How can you find your motorcycle’s paint code? The manufacturer must know the name of the paint to get the paint code. You can then search online for the paint code using the name of the paint.

Why are paint codes so important? There are literally thousands of shades of paint available. You may think that your bike’s colour is grey. However, there are many shades and variations to choose from.

How and where to find paint code

It is very difficult to match your motorcycle’s paint with a paint you find in general colours. Every manufacturer has their own paints, which they use on a variety of models. This is why paint codes were invented.

These help you determine exactly the color of paint you will need to match your stock. You don’t have to worry about paints being slightly different if you are only looking to repaint a single section of your bike.

You will likely not be happy with the results if the paint you choose is too similar to what you actually need. A completely different look can be achieved by even slight variations in the paint.

That is why it’s so important that you find out the paint code for your motorcycle before ever trying to get paint for it. This will ensure you get the exact color every time.

Where can you find the paint code for your motorcycle? It is often more difficult to find your motorcycle’s paint code than it is for a car. Motorcycles are not equipped with a sticker that identifies the paint code. Out of the many motorcycles I have worked on, I have never seen a paint label anywhere on the bike.

If a manufacturer has to put their paint code on their motorcycles in an extremely rare instance, they will place it somewhere that is not easily seen. This is so that the bike doesn’t look sloppy and everyone can see the sticker.

These codes can be hidden under the seat or beneath the tank. You can remove these components to inspect the code, but it will not be visible while riding or parked. These paint codes can be hidden from the frame at various points.

You can always search online for the code to your motorcycle’s paint code indicator if it doesn’t exist. You can search for, for example. “1975 CB500T black paint code” Read through the forums. You can rest assured that you have found the correct code once you find a recurring answer.

This information can be difficult to obtain directly from the motorcycle manufacturer. It is possible to spend hours explaining the situation over the telephone to customer service representatives in another country. Calling the manufacturer should be your last resort, but if you’ve exhausted all the other options listed in the second paragraph above then the manufacturer is your last hope.

Your best and most efficient options are online forums and your local auto paint supply shop.

What can I do to match my color if the paint code is not available?

If you have exhausted all the methods stated above and cannot find a paint code then your best option is to take the tank off your motorcycle (make sure it doesn’t have any fuel in it) and take it to your local automotive paint supply store. Paint supply stores can provide an infrared device that will create a color code that matches your tank’s current color.

This is just for the record, but I have never been asked to do it. Of all the motorcycles I’ve ever painted I’ve never had to get a color match from a paint supply store, I’ve always been able to find the paint code by searching forums online.

The only instance in which I can see you needing to get a color match from the paint store is if you have an incredibly rare or a pre-1950’s motorcycle that not many others have.

If you’re going to repaint the whole motorcycle and aren’t worried about keeping it exactly original then you don’t need the paint code, just pick whatever shade of that color you like the best.

Online paint stores offer a filter option that allows you to enter the year and make of your motorcycle. It then shows you the paint codes. However, I’d be cautious about these filters. The saying “trust but verify” This is what comes to my mind. If several sites say the same code then you’re probably safe.

If you’re looking to restore an older motorcycle and want to just paint one section, I suggest that you do the entire bike. The effect of painting one component will be to make all the others look faded.

Where can I find the right paint for my motorcycle?

Where can you get paint for your motorcycle? There are many different places you can buy paint for your motorcycle. You want to get the most value for your money, so it’s a good idea to look at all of the resources we will discuss until you find what you need.

Local automotive paint shops are the best place to start. These shops can be a great resource for anyone trying to paint their bike. They can also provide any other paint supplies, such as primer, clearcoat, sandpaper, rust inhibitors, and so on. These local shops can help answer questions about how to paint your bike.

The internet is your next resource. There are tons and tons of websites dedicated to selling paint. These websites often let you search for paint by code, year, make, or model. If you don’t know your paint code, this is one tool you can use.

All of these websites can be accessed online so you can easily compare pricing and lead times. You can also look at customer reviews to see what other people think about the paint they have purchased from them.

Manufacturers are your last resource. Although this is the most expensive route, it will ensure that you don’t accidentally purchase the wrong paint. There are many options available and it is always a good idea for you to shop around. You should choose the one that is most suitable for your needs.

Can I paint my motorcycle tank and/or frame myself?

Is it possible to paint your motorcycle yourself once you have the matching paint? You can do it yourself, the answer is yes. Although many people are afraid to paint their motorcycles because they fear they will do a poor job, it is possible to learn how to do this yourself.. If you feel uncomfortable, it is possible to take your motorcycle to a professional.

Preparing the motorcycle for paint is the first step. This will ensure that the paint adheres well to the surface, and lasts for a long time. Preparing the surface starts with removing any existing paint to a certain extent. You don’t have to expose the metal if it is in good shape.

After you have sanded your surface, you can apply primer to it. After you have given the primer a good coat and allowed it to dry, you can now wet sand the area and begin painting.

Paint should be applied evenly. To ensure the primer is completely covered, you might need several coats. After your paint is dry, apply clear coat. Clear coat will seal your paint and protect it to prolong its life.

There are many articles that cover the whole process of paint. Use the search box at the top of the page to find them. “paint”.

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