Here’s How Much A New Motorcycle Costs (With Real Examples)

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When I was researching the cost of a new motorcycle, I discovered that there weren’t any reliable online sources.  I did my own research and found out the retail price of every motorcycle on sale this year.  This list does NOT include dirt bikes. It only includes street legal motorcycles.

What is the cost of a new motorcycle?  Prices for new motorcycles vary from the $2499 Honda Metropolitan to $78,000 BMW HP4 Race. All 353 new motorcycles on sale this year cost an average of $15,867.  The majority of beginners will buy used bikes and then later buy new ones.

Below you’ll find a list of all new motorcycles produced in the United States this year.  Although I tried to make this as complete as possible, I didn’t include dirt bikes.  Dirt bikes can be a different market than street legal motorcycles and could cause a misleading reflection on the cost of street legal motorcycles.

New Motorcycle Prices

Below are tables listing all new motorcycles this year, along with their prices, organized by manufacturer.  Scroll down to see motorcycles that may be within your budget. The average price of a new motorcycle will be listed at the bottom of each table.

The Table of Prices for All New Motorcycles

Model Price
RSV4 1100 Factory $24,499 
RSV4 LE RF $24,499 
RSV4 RF $23,499 
RSV4 RRR $17,499 
Tuono V4 1100
Factory Summit Attack
Tuono V4 1100
Tuono V4 1100 RR $15,499 
Dorsoduro 900 $10,999 
Shiver 900 $9,399 
Average Price: $18,266 
Model Price
HP4 Race $78,000 
S1000RR $15,995 
R1250RS $15,695 
R1250GS $17,695 
R1250GS Adventure $19,945 
S1000XR $16,895 
F850GS $13,195 
F850GS Adventure $14,295 
F750GS $10,395 
G310GS $5,795 
K1600GTL $25,995 
K1600GT $22,995 
K1600 Grand
K1600B $20,095 
R1250RT $18,645 
R1250R $14,995 
S1000R $16,995 
G310R $4,845 
R nineT $15,495 
R nineT Racer $13,545 
R nineT Pure $9,995 
R nineT Urban G/S $12,995 
R nineT Scrambler $12,995 
C400X $6,795 
C Evolution $13,995 
C650GT $10,995 
Average Price: $17,495 
Model Price
SuperSport $12,995 
SuperSport S $15,195 
959 Panigale $15,495 
959 Panigale Corse $17,895 
1299 Panigale
R Final Edition
Panigale V4 $21,495 
Panigale V4S $27,895 
Panigale V4S Corse $29,995 
Panigale V4 Speciale $39,995 
Panigale V4R $40,000 
25 Anniversario 916 $42,500 
Monster 797+ $9,295 
Monster 821 $11,995 
Monster 821 Stealth $12,895 
Monster 1200 $14,995 
Monster 1200S $17,795 
Monster 1200R $19,395 
Monster 1200
25th Anniversario
Diavel 1260 $19,995 
Diavel 1260S $22,995 
XDiavel $20,795 
XDiavelS $24,295 
Hypermotard 950 $13,295 
Hypermotard 9500SP $16,695 
Multistrada 950 $16,995 
Multistrada 950S $16,995 
Multistrada 950S
Multistrada 1260 $20,995 
Multistrada 1260S $20,995 
Multistrada 1260S Dair $18,695 
Multistrada 1260
Pikes Peak
Multistrada 1260
Average price: $21,461 
Harley Davidson
Model Price
Livewire $29,799 
Street Rod $8,699 
Street 750 $7,599 
Street 500 $6,899 
Iron 883 $8,999 
Forty-Eight $11,299 
Iron 1200 $9,999 
Roadster $11,499 
Low Rider S $17,999 
Deluxe $18,399 
Fat Bob 114 $18,799 
Sport Glide $18,599 
Softail Slim $15,999 
Low Rider $14,899 
Street Bob $14,599 
Heritage Classic $18,999 
Breakout 114 $20,499 
Fat Boy 114 $20,599 
FXDR114 $18,999 
Road Glide Limited $28,299 
Road King Special $22,999 
Ultra Limited $28,699 
Street Glide Special $27,699 
Road King $19,499 
Road Glide $21,699 
Road Glide Special $27,299 
Street Glide $21,999 
Electra Glide Standard $18,999 
Freewheeler $27,999 
TriGlide Ultra $34,999 
CVO Limited $44,039 
CVO Tri Glide $48,999 
CVO Street Glide $40,539 
Average price: $21,423 
Model Price
Gold Wing $23,800 
Gold Wing Tour $27,000 
Gold Wing F6B $20,499 
ST1300 ABS $18,230 
Interstate $10,999 
CTX1300 $15,999 
NM4 $11,299 
CTX700 DCT $8,399 
VFR1200X $15,999 
Africa Twin $13,599 
Africa Twin
Adventure Sports
NC750X $8,099 
NC700X $7,699 
XR650L $6,999 
CB500X $6,699 
CRF450L $10,399 
CR250L $5,199 
CR250L Rally $5,949 
Valkyrie Gold Wing $17,999 
Fury $10,599 
Stateline $9,999 
Shadow Phantom $7,899 
Shadow Aero $7,699 
CTX700N ABS $7,699 
Rebel 500 $6,199 
Rebel 300 $4,499 
CB1100EX $12,199 
CB1000R ABS $12,999 
CB650R $8,899 
CB650F $8,249 
CB500F $6,199 
CB300R ABS $4,949 
CB300F $4,349 
Monkey $3,999 
Super Cub C125 ABS $3,599 
CBR1000RR $16,499 
CBR600RR $11,799 
Interceptor $10,799 
CBR650R $9,399 
CBR650F $8,749 
CB650R $8,899 
CB650F $8,249 
CBR500R $6,699 
CB500F $6,199 
CBR300R $4,699 
CB300R ABS $4,949 
CB300F $4,349 
Grom $3,399 
Forza $5,599 
PCX150 $3,699 
Ruckus $2,749 
Metropolitan $2,499 
Average Price: $9,408 
Model Price
Vitpilen 701 $11,999 
Vitpilen 401 $6,299 
Svartpilen 701 $11,999 
Svartpilen 401 $6,299 
FS450 $10,799 
Average Price: $9,479 
Model Price
Scout Bobber Twenty $11,999 
Chieftain Dark Horse $27,999 
Scout 100th
Anniversary Edition
Springfield Dark Horse $22,499 
Roadmaster Dark Horse $28,999 
Chieftain Limited $27,999 
FTR 1200 S $15,499 
Scout Bobber $10,999 
Chieftain $21,999 
Scout $11,499 
Springfield $20,999 
Scout Sixty $8,999 
Chief Dark Horse $18,499 
Chief Vintage $19,999 
Roadmaster Elite $36,999 
Chieftain Classic $25,999 
Roadmaster $29,999 
Chieftain Elite $34,999 
FTR 1200 $13,499 
Average price: $21,341 
Model Price
Ninja 300 $4,999 
Ninja 400 $4,999 
Ninja 650 $7,399 
Ninja 1000 ABS $12,199 
Ninja ZX 6R $9,999 
Ninja ZX 10R $15,099 
Ninja ZX 14R ABS $14,999 
Ninja H2 SX $19,000 
Ninja H2 $29,000 
Ninja H2 R $55,000 
Z125 Pro $3,199 
Z400 ABS $4,799 
Z650 $6,999 
Z900 $8,399 
Z900RS ABS $11,199 
Versys X 300 $5,499 
Versys650 $8,299 
Versys 1000 LT $12,999 
W800 $9,799 
Concours 14 ABS $15,599 
Vulcan S $7,099 
Vulcan 9000 $7,999 
Vulcan 1700
Vaquero ABS
Vulcan 1700
Votager ABS
Average Price: $12,870 
Model Price
Freeride E-XC $9,499 
1290 Super Adventure R $18,499 
1290 Super Adventure S $18,499 
1090 Adventure R $14,999 
790 Adventure R $13,499 
790 Adventure $12,499 
690 Enduro R $11,699 
1290 Super
Duke GT
Average Price: $14,962 
Moto Guzzi
Model Price
MGX-21 $21,990 
California 1400 Touring $18,490 
Eldorado $16,490 
Audace $16,390 
Audace Carbon $16,390 
V85 TT Adventure $12,990 
V85 TT $11,990 
V9 Bobber Sport $10,690 
V9 Bobber $10,490 
V9 Roamer $9,990 
V7 III Racer Le $9,900 
V7 III Carbon Dark $9,690 
V7 III Milano $9,390 
V7 III Rough $9,190 
V7 III Carbon Shine $9,990 
V7 III Stone $8,490 
V7 III Stone Night Pack $8,990 
V7 III Special $8,990 
Average Price: $12,252 
MV Agusta
Model Price
1000 Serie Oro $47,699 
Brutale 800 $15,399 
Brutale 800 RR $16,699 
Brutale 800 RR LH44 $26,799 
Brutale 800 RC $21,099 
Dragster 800 RR $22,995 
Dragster 800 RC $16,995 
Dragster 800 RR Pirelli $21,998 
Dragster 800 RR America $19,995 
Turismo Veloce 800 $19,798 
Turismo Veloce
800 Lusso
Turismo Veloce
800 Lusso SCS
Turismo Veloce
F3 675 $17,199 
F3 675 RCS $21,099 
F3 800 $19,399 
F3 800 RC $23,299 
F4 $23,299 
F4 RR $30,900 
F4 RC $45,299 
F4 LH44 $71,375 
#1 $39,899 
Superveloce 800
Serie Oro
Average price: $27,080 
Model Price
V4RR $35,000 
V4SS $55,000 
Dominator $28,995 
Commando 961
Café Racer
Commando 961 Sport $19,495 
Superlight $24,999 
Breitling Sport $22,495 
Commando 961
Atlas Ranger $14,999 
Atlas Nomad $12,495 
Average Price: $25,468 
Royal Enfield
Model Price
INT650 $5,999 
Continental GT $6,249 
Himalayan $4,749 
Classic $5,799 
Bullet 500 $4,999 
Average price: $5,559 
Model Price
Hayabusa $14,799 
GSX-R1000R $17,699 
GSX-R1000 $15,599 
GSX-R750 $12,499 
GSX-R600 $11,399 
GSX S1000F ABS $11,299 
GSX-S1000FZ $11,599 
GSX250R $4,599 
GSX250R ABS $4,899 
Suzuki Boulevard
Suzuki Boulevard M90 $11,349 
Suzuki Boulevard M50 $8,699 
Suzuki Boulevard
Suzuki Boulevard C50 $8,299 
Suzuki Boulevard C90T $13,049 
Suzuki Boulevard C50T $9,599 
Suzuki Boulevard S40 $5,799 
Bandit 1250S ABS $9,899 
Katana $13,499 
SV650X $8,399 
SV650 ABS $7,499 
SV650 $7,099 
SFV650 $7,699 
GW250 $4,099 
TU250X $4,649 
VANVAN 200 $4,649 
V-STROM 1000XT $13,299 
V-STROM 1000 $12,299 
V-STROM 650XT $9,299 
V-STROM 650 $8,799 
DR650S $6,699 
DR-Z400S $6,799 
DR200S $4,649 
Average Price: $9,808 
Model Price
Street Triple $9,950 
Speed Triple $14,350 
Tiger 800 $12,000 
Tiger 1200 $16,500 
Speed Twin $12,200 
Scrambler 1200 $14,000 
Street Twin $9,100 
Bonneville T100 $10,450 
Street Scrambler $11,000 
Bonneville T120 $11,850 
Bonneville Bobber $11,950 
Thruxton 1200 $13,000 
Thruxton TFC $21,500 
Rocket 3 TFC $29,000 
Average Price: $14,000 
Model Price
Get ready $16,999 
cT $14,999 
Air LE $17,999 
Sportsman SE $18,499 
Sahara SE $18,499 
Average Price: $17,399 
Model Price
YZF-R1M $26,099 
YZF-R1 $17,399 
YZF-R6 $12,199 
YZF-R3 Monster
Energy Edition
YZF-R3 $4,999 
MT-10 $12,999 
MT-09 $8,999 
MT-07 $7,599 
VMAX $17,999 
Bolt R-Spec $8,399 
Bolt $7,999 
XSR900 $9,499 
XSR700 $8,499 
SR400 $5,999 
V Star 250 $4,349 
Star Venture $24,999 
Star Eluder $22,499 
Super Tenere ES $16,199 
Super Tenere $15,099 
Tenere 700 $12,999 
FJR1300ES $17,999 
FJR1300A $16,399 
Niken GT $17,299 
Niken $15,999 
Tracer 900 GT $12,999 
Tracer 900 $10,699 
Average Price: $13,147 
Model Price
SR/F $19,495 
S $10,995 
SR $15,495 
DS $10,995 
DSR $15,495 
DSR Black Forest $18,995 
FX $8,995 
FXS $8,995 
Average Price: $13,683 

You can also find new motorcycle prices at other places

If you’re looking for additional resources to get prices of a specific new motorcycle you’re looking into buying, there are plenty of platforms out there to help you find what you’re looking for.

The most trustworthy place online to find motorcycle prices is the actual manufacturer’s website.  New models are added and taken away from lineups every year, so for the most up to date information on a specific model of motorcycle just go directly to the manufacturer’s site. 

However, be aware that although most manufacturers list the retail prices of their motorcycles on their websites, there are many who don’t.  It’s a ploy to get your contact information and have you contact a local dealer, then that dealer will bug you for the next year about buying a new motorcycle.

The next most reliable place to get information about motorcycle pricing is NADA Guides are what most dealers use for pricing their motorcycles. This allows them to be competitive with other dealers throughout the country.  NADA Guides also lists a number of classic motorcycles, which can be helpful to those who are looking for an older or used motorcycle. is another common pricing company most people are familiar with.  Kelley Blue Book is more commonly known, but is generally not as accurate as NADA Guides, that’s why dealers use NADA.  Kelley Blue Book is a good reference point for pricing information.

Consider these things when shopping for a new motorcycle. just because the manufacturer’s website and blue book sites have a motorcycle listed at a certain retail price does not necessarily mean that’s what you’ll pay at a dealership. 

Dealers will mark down motorcycles with limited editions or high demand by 10%-20% “convenience fee”.  Although most motorcycles aren’t marked up in dealerships, models in high demand will be.

Why are there so many prices for new motorcycles

It is shocking to learn that the most affordable new motorcycle is only $2499, while the most expensive one is $78,000.  Although there are many custom motorcycles for sale that cost more than $78,000 new, this article only covers motorcycles that were purchased direct from the manufacturer and not custom shops.

There are many factors that can explain the high price gap. Manufacturer investment is the biggest.  The Honda Metropolitan is a simple motorcycle that has not seen much change since its inception.  The largest factor in the final retail price is determined by the manufacturer’s engineering and manufacturing costs.

Every additional feature on a motorcycle will increase the price. For example, an electric start, anti-theft devices, anti lock brakes, stereo and cubic inches of engine, fuel injection, performance of the rotating parts in the engine, cloth or leather.  Every feature increases the cost.

The most expensive motorcycles range from $55,000 to $80,000 because they are race bikes that are driven by professional riders who demand every feature be perfected and tuned.  Professionals expect the best, especially when you are riding at 150 mph.

The cost of a motorcycle increases quickly due to all the engineering involved in making them performance bikes. Each engine component is made with the highest quality materials and tightest tolerances in order to ensure safety for their riders.

One of the main reasons certain models are priced as they are is simple supply and demand. This is something you learned in business class years back.  The general public tends to find certain models more attractive and sell out quicker. So they increase the price every year because people are willing and able to pay it.

Depreciation of New Motorcycles

I tried to find a way to calculate the depreciation of a particular motorcycle a few months back, but there was no good information online to help me determine what this model would be worth in a few decades.  I decided to do my own research.

The first two-year period when the motorcycle’s value drops the most is the time when it costs between 19-27% and 27%. When you sign the ownership papers at the dealer, your motorcycle will experience a 5% decrease in value.  The world will now consider your motorcycle used once you have signed those papers. Your motorcycle’s value has declined.

Depreciation decreases in line with years 3-10 after the first 2 years.  The depreciation drops even further after year 10.  It is for this reason that I recommend that anyone who wants to learn to ride a motorcycle start with an older motorcycle.  After you have gained confidence and stability on your first year, it is time to purchase the motorcycle you desire.

You can ride a motorcycle for the first year without fear of it crashing and decrease its value.  Wrecking an old motorcycle doesn’t decrease its value much, no one cares.  If you start out on a brand new beautiful motorcycle, you’re going to be so worried about scratching it up that you won’t be able to focus on the more important things like balancing and traffic around you.

There are many factors that influence how quickly a motorcycle goes into decline, including the model’s number, long-term reliability, manufacturer, how well it is maintained, and pop culture references to the model.  Certain companies, such as Yamaha and BMW, tend to appreciate faster than others.

Indian is one example of a brand that has a lower depreciation
They are less productive. The supply can be kept low by keeping the prices low.
This will increase the model’s resale price.

This is just a fraction of my thoughts on new motorcycles’ depreciation.  Check out my article to see which models are most susceptible to depreciation. Depreciation of Motorcycles.

Additional costs associated with buying a new motorcycle

Insurance: Insurance is much cheaper than I thought when I bought my first motorcycle. There are many reasons why. 

Motorbike insurance is cheap because it is affordable.
Insurance companies don’t insure you. They only insure your motorcycle.  There is a chance of serious injury to a motorcycle.
Insurance companies don’t want to pay more than they would in a car.
Find out how much you can save on your hospital bill for motorcycle accidents. 
They cover only your motorcycle, not any damage that it may cause.

Motorcycle insurance is also much less expensive than car insurance.
Insurance is cheaper than buying insurance for a motorcycle.
Average car

I paid $17 per Month for motorcycle insurance.
This was for a 1969 Triumph 250 valued at approximately $5,000.

Always request quotes from different insurance companies. Do not accept the first quote that you receive.  Geico is the best insurance company I have used. They make it easy to use their mobile app and autopay. Their price is also very affordable.  I’m not affiliated with Geico in any way, they are just my current preference.

Gear: Everyone should have a helmet on their motorcycles from the first day they bought them.  It doesn’t matter if you think you look cooler without a helmet on, or if you’re one of those that says, “I’m a safe driver, I’m not going to get in an accident.”  It doesn’t matter how safe you are, it’s the people around you that are the problem.

You can buy a good helmet that’s DOT approved for around $150.  Your life is worth $150. So spend the money to get a helmet.  Don’t let your passengers ride on your motorcycle without helmets.  If they are on your motorcycle then you are liable for that person’s safety.

Safety gear such as a jacket, pants and gloves are important to ensure you’re safe while riding a motorcycle.  Be sure to read customer reviews and research the safety products for motorcycles on the market.  You can find links to our top gear on the Recommended Products page. Click here.

Maintenance: It is important to know how to fix your motorcycle so it can continue to be a pleasure to ride.  Things will get old and break, that’s just part of it.  How well the motorcycle has been maintained and its age will determine how much maintenance it costs.

Many people seek my advice when deciding which motorcycle to purchase and what to do about higher mileage bikes.  I don’t hardly look at miles, I look at how old the motorcycle is and how well it has been taken care of over its lifetime.

Lights, tires, carburetor tuning and cleaning, brake pads, oil changes and other common issues are some of the most common problems with motorcycles.  Make sure to budget a little bit of money every month for regular maintenance so when you need new tires you’re not scrounging for money.

You can do a lot of maintenance on your own, such as the oil changes or carburetor cleaning. But there are other things you should leave to professionals.  Valve adjustment, tuning, mounting, and balancing tires are all things that can be done by professionals.  These jobs often require special tools so don’t try to do them unless you are an experienced mechanic.

Paperwork: Your motorcycle’s value will affect the costs of your initial licensing and registration.  State tax in the United States is usually between 6-8% depending on where you live, and some states don’t have sales tax at all!

All your licensing costs up front are going to include: getting a motorcycle license which is about $50, title application and fees which is usually 6-8% of the motorcycle’s value, and yearly registration which is usually between $20-$50.

Little costs can quickly add up so make sure to save your hard earned money before you go.
money on a brand new motorcycle, remember that you’re going to have a pile of
Additional taxes and fees may apply.

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