Here’s How To Properly Fill A Motorcycle Gas Tank

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It can sound simple to get gas. However, it isn’t. It can lead to major problems down the road if you do not know how to properly inject gas into your bike.

You might find yourself filling up more frequently depending on how often your motorcycle is driven. No matter how frequently you fill up, it’s important to know how to fill your motorcycle properly to ensure safety for yourself and others around you.

How do you fill your motorcycle’s gas tank properly? First, make sure the motorcycle is off your gas tank and that it is turned off completely. You should insert the nozzle as low into the tank as you can. You will need to watch the level of the gas carefully and stop the flow yourself since sometime the automatic stopper won’t stop in time.

You can ensure safety for yourself, your bike, and everyone around you by following these steps. Many myths are floating around about what is and isn’t true when it comes to getting gas. Some believe that they can leave their engine running while they fuel up (which they shouldn’t).

Others fear their vehicle might explode if they do so. Some people want to fill their fuel tank up to the brim. Others will stop when the fuel pump kicks on. There are many opinions on how to get gas. This article will help you learn all you can about how to properly fuel your bike.

How to Fill a Motorcycle Gas Tank

What is the correct step-by-step procedure to fill your motorcycle’s gas tank? First and foremost, you’ll need to get off your bike. It may sound like this: “duh” factor, but you’d be surprised at how often people try to fill up while still sitting on their motorcycle.

It is not a good idea to fill your bike up while you are sitting down. Sitting on your motorcycle can make it difficult to respond quickly to an unexpected situation, such as a fire or other emergency. It is important to fill your motorcycle up when you are standing near it.

You should ensure that your motorcycle rests on the side stand. After you have finished, take off your helmet. It can be painful, I get it. But you’ll just have to put it on again in a few seconds. It is possible to hear the fuel gurgling by taking off your helmet. It is much harder to hear these sounds if your helmet is on. You will also be more likely overfill your motorcycle.

Next, ensure that the filler nozzle is fully inserted. When filling up your car, this isn’t a concern at all. You will notice a long neck leading to the tank on your car. This way it is extremely difficult to overfill a car’s gas tank. As the tank fills up, bubbles will begin to build up in the neck. This will cause the filler nozzle to shut down. It is safer to place the gas cap on a car than on a motorcycle.

Overfilling your gas tank would result in the gas only being poured onto the vehicle’s body. On a motorcycle, gas can be drained onto the hot engine, which could cause a fire. The filler neck on motorcycles might not be as long or short as the one for gas tanks. You should always insert the filler tube completely to ensure it shuts off when the tank gets full. You don’t have to top up your motorcycle’s fuel tank. It will increase the chances of fuel leaking out and sparking a fire.

Remember that your motorcycle may have filler recesses. These are gaps of air inside the tank that will allow the fuel expand as it heats. When you top off your tank completely, fuel will leak out of the hose and you’ll be riding around with it.

It is crucial that you stop filling your motorcycle with gas after the pump stops. To allow for expansion, leave some air at the top of your tank if the pump doesn’t stop automatically.

If you’re interested in knowing the right type of gas to put into your motorcycle, see our other article here for a helpful guide.

How do I know if the tank is full?

How can you tell when your tank is full and when to stop pumping fuel? You can solve most of your problems by making sure the filler tube is properly inserted into the tank. This will ensure that the pump shuts off as fuel levels rise. While you won’t be able to fill your entire tank, it’s better to be safe that than sorry. This is the best method to determine if your tank is empty.

It is important to remove your helmet when filling up your tank. This will enable you to hear the fuel being added to the tank. You will soon be able to tell when your tank is full by listening and observing more.

As the fuel tank fills, there will be a gurgling sound. As the tank fills up, it will change in pitch and then change quickly. Listening closely to your motorcycle when filling up your tank will allow you to determine how full it is.

You should also pay attention to how much fuel you put in your tank before filling it up. You will need to know how many gallons you’ll need to fill up your tank. You can keep track of how much gas you’ve put in by checking the liquid and looking at the numbers on the pump.. This will give an idea of the time when your tank should be full.

What to Do When Your Tank Overflows

What should you do if you accidentally fill your tank? Stop pumping gas immediately. You have a higher chance of your motorcycle being set on fire if there is more gas. Make sure there’s as little gas as possible.

You want to ensure that as little fuel as possible is getting into your engine’s hot cylinders. The location of the fillernozzle makes this extremely difficult for motorcycles. Make sure to have paper towels handy when filling up a motorcycle. If you overfill your tank, you’ll want to immediately use these paper towels to wipe up the gas and prevent it from getting onto the engine.

Keep in mind that gas can still leak from your tank if it is full. You will continue to leak gas if you turn your motorcycle side to side. Keep this in mind when you want to prevent gas from getting on the hot engine. If the bike seems to be on fire at any time, It is best to get out of the way immediately and find a fire extinguisher.

Recap Safety Tips for Filling up Your Motorcycle

There are many safety tips to keep in mind when filling your motorcycle. As I’ve said before, first of all, get off your bike while you fuel up. Then, take off your helmet. This is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your bike’s safety. This will enable you to respond faster than if your bike were sat on and allow you to hear the fuel level.

Next, make sure you insert the filler tube completely and check the level inside the tank. It is important not to fill it up. A full tank will allow you to ride for between 150-200 miles.

People will generally want to take their bikes off after getting this far so that they can refill while they take a break. That extra little bit of gas to top off your gas tank really won’t benefit you much at all but will introduce several other big risks. You should not depend on the gas pump to stop gas flow when the tank is full. It is important to know when it should end.

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