Honda Hornet750: The myth is back!

TO Eicma 2021 Honda had given us a clear promise: Hornet The time was right for him to return. New clues from Tokyo have been arriving constantly about the type of bike that we will have. They first revealed the design sketches, then the sound, and then the specifications of the engine. Today it was revealed at Cologne SalonThe new Hornet 750 2023 It’s not a mystery any more. But it is something. Different We were not expecting it, or our geekiness had driven us to dream.

Honda Hornet 750 Iridium Gray
Honda Hornet 750 Yellow

It is the same style and aesthetics as the CB500F The last CB650F (before it was replaced by the Neo Sports Café CB650R), the new one CB750F HornetWith his 92cv License holders are responsible for paying a deductible A2 – And 75Nm Declared for 190kg It is able to carry a full tank, which makes it appear that it was designed to be strategically placed halfway between the super-medium entry level and naked entry levels.

Hornet 750: White
Hornet 750: Graphite Black

The price point is also very interesting: 7,990 Euros. However, How it is made The bike that bears this name Hornet After 10 years of inaction, are you ready to see the streets clean?

Hornet 750: All qualities

First, the engine is a rare parallel twin. 755cc, Timing is everything 270 ° Distribution Unicam To 8 valvesIt also includes the one Honda used on its more rugged single-cylinder units.

Hornet 750: TFT display
Hornet 750: control block
Hornet 750: quick shifter

With slipper clutch, It was designed to combine top reach and bass thrust, and comes with a complete electronic package. Fly by wireThere are four modes of riding (one customizable). Traction control Three-level with Anti-wheelie integrated To which they are further added Engine brake And Power You can also adjust the level of your adjustable, and you can choose from three levels. Quickshifter As expected optional. All of this is possible with an instrumentation TFT In color: 5 “, The possibility to connect to your smartphone completes the package.

From the point-of-view cycling, Everything is based upon a new one Chassis Steel with diamonds Weighs 16,6kg, Also, it is 1.9 lower than the CB650R four-cylinder, and the fundamental values ​​read 25 ° for the inclination of the steering head e 1.420mm The wheelbase.

Hornet 750
Honda Hornet 750 2023

The Suspension I am Showa; Fork SFF-BP Not adjustable with stems 41mm, A mono version is available in both mono and mono with progressive linking and five levels preload. The swingarm is made of steel box. TO Breeze All we can find is a system that uses discs. 296mm And pliers Nissin Radial, while the selection of tire sizes is determined by the desire for maximum priority handling: The front is a classic 120/70, The rear is a 160/60.

We need to know if it will actually be like this and, more importantly, if the new one will work. Hornet 750Beyond the numbers and market positioning theories, we will have the ability to entertain again.

Honda Hornet 750: Showa
Hornet 750: discs
Hornet 750

Honda Hornet750: Is the myth alive again? SuperBike Italia.

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