How to Find a Motorcycle Engine Number: This Tutorial Will Help You

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Every bike has its own unique codes and numbers. Anyone who has done a motorcycle repair or rebuild, or someone who recently did one, will attest to this fact. To identify specific parts, manufacturers stamp various parts of a motorcycle. These numbers will help to identify the engine and help you find original parts. They can also help you learn more about your motorcycle.

There are generally two numbers on your motorcycle you should be paying attention to. The VIN number and your engine number are the two numbers you should be paying attention to.

How can you locate a motorcycle’s engine number? An engine number is stamped or engraved one-on-one on the engine block, rather than a VIN placed around a bike in many places. Although make and models may differ, the engine number for a motorcycle can generally be found directly above or on top of the crankcase. It typically contains nine characters.

Knowing how to find your engine number is important, and using it can save you a lot of headache down the road when you’re looking for parts.

Places You’ll Find The Motorcycle Engine Number

The bike’s engine will have the engine number. The exact location can vary depending on the bike.

Although motorcycles are often different from each other, The crankcase is a good place to look for the engine number. It can be placed directly on or above the motorcycle’s engine number. Motorcycle engine numbers are engraved into the metal, so rather than looking for a plate or a sticker you’ll need to look for engravings. Sometimes dirt and grime can cover it up so be sure to give the outside of the crankcase a good cleaning if you can’t find it right away.

A engine number is composed of nine characters. Keep this in mind while you’re looking for the number since motorcycles tend to have several numbers engraved in random places.

If you are looking at your motorcycle and don’t see the engine number right away, a good place to check will be in the owner’s manual. They should be kept under the seat. Take a look at the table of content to see if it contains any information about where you can find your VIN. Usually, the engine number will be mentioned on one line or another.

If you don’t have your owner’s manual, you can easily (and affordably) access it on You can download it instantly and use it to find your specific motorcycle manual.

The owner’s manual will not have your motorcycle’s specific engine number in it, but it will have directions on where to find it. My experience has shown me that it is easier to find the engine code for older bikes.

You will find motorcycle fairings or other body panels covering the majority of the engine block on newer bikes and sport bikes. SoIf you have fairings on your bike, take them off to get to the engine number..

What does the Motorcycle Engine Number look like?

The motorcycle, as I have already mentioned, is a powerful tool. Engine number is composed of approximately 9 numbers and characters. This is what distinguishes it from other VINs apart from its location.

You should know that 9 characters are the norm, but it is possible to have up to 17 associated numbers. You may find some letters in the number sequence. This number may include information such as the engine size, emission rating, number of cylinders, manufacturing date, or it could simply refer to a different company.

Every bike is different. The importance of an engine numbers is not to know the displacement of your bike. It should be used to locate specific parts made for your bike. A quick Google image search will show that each motorcycle prints the number in a different way.

You can find them on plaques that have been riveted into the crankcase. There are also two rows of characters that have been placed on each side of the kickstand. Before you look for the number on your bike, it’s a good idea to just check the owner’s manual. Looking at my owner’s manual, there is a section titled, ‘Owner Information’. This section contains a description of the serial number locations as well as blank lines that allow you to write the numbers later.

Is a VIN the same as an engine number on a motorcycle?

You might see VIN numbers and engine numbers when you search for them.. Don’t let these confuse you. Bike manufacturers can call the same number two different words even though it’s the same thing. The example of the VIN number is sometimes referred to as the frame number or the chassis number.It means the exact same thing.

I was looking for the engine code on my Vstrom and where to find it. When referencing the owner’s manual, I found that the VIN number was written as the chassis number in the book. It was possible for me to be confused if I was a first-timer.

VIN number and engine number will differ. The engine number can be used to identify the engine that was installed on the motorcycle. The VIN number is what identifies your bike on the production line, as well on a title or registration. VINs are unique to each bike, so no two bikes will have the exact same one.

VIN’s on motorcycles work the same way that they do in a car. It can be used to identify the model year of the bike, and any other manufacturer codes. When buying a motorcycle, it is important to check the VIN.

Like a car, the VIN numbers will be located around the motorcycle. It’s important that these numbers match all the way around. It is possible that a bike or car has had non-original parts installed after an accident. Also, VIN’s that don’t match can be a sign that the bike that you have has been stolen or tampered with. I know it’s not always practical to check the VIN all over the bike to make sure that it matches, but it’s good to know Why Important is the VIN

You can find many resources online that will help you to create a VIN. ‘decoder’So that you know more about your motorcycle, you can use the car fax reporter The ‘decoder’ The number from your bike is taken and explained to you.

A car fax can provide valuable information about the bike’s owner. It can let you know about services that it’s had, or maybe let you know if the bike has been involved in an accident or something similar.

Motorcycle VIN’s can be found in several locations. The upper portion of the forks will be the most popular. It’ll usually be written on a clearly legible tag with VIN written across it. On a similar-looking tag, you will usually find it along the frame below or around the tank. On some bikes, the VIN and tire pressure are written on a tag near the end of one the rear swing arms.

Why Do Motorcycles Have an Engine Number?

An engine number for a motorcycle is an important piece of information. This is especially useful for hobbyists who are interested either in full-scale restorations or DIY repairs. The engine code can also be useful if you are considering a bike and wonder about a particular engine’s reliability history.

Sometimes manufacturers have recalls on bikes and engines, and it’s important to know if your bike has any critical errors related to it. You can save a lot of time and headaches by reading up on your bike and engine.

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