Pirelli Cup 2022 – The worst possible ending

LTo The final You can find the Italian Speed ​​Cup The party should have been held on the 1st and 2nd of October. It should have also served as a runway for the new champions. Pirelli CupHowever, it was a memorable day for motorcyclists.

Two bikes from the team were seriously injured in an accident during the last race. 600 Pro class for the Italian Amateur Trophy The young driver unfortunately isn’t allowed to drive. Federico Esposito Tragically, he lost his life during Marco Sciutteri He is severely injured.

Pirelli Cup 2022

Evidently, the event was suspended. Federation While a deafening silence fell upon the Romagna circuit. All the news from the weekend is now lost.

Pirelli Cup 2022, the brawl

I am referring to the sports news only, given the weather conditions It is prohibitive Thursday and Friday were condensed into Saturday, Sunday and the qualifications of class 600 Have seen the pole of Andrea Giombini On MV AgustaWhile for those of the 1000 There was the best lap Ducati From Luigi LaPlaca This accelerated the already evident growth. Mugello.

Pirelli Cup 2022

The race of the 600 The positions achieved in qualifying for the podium were confirmed; in 1000, Instead, Butti won the victory over the Wild Cards La Marra And Ioverno.

Finally, Pirelli Cup 2022 Young people are the champions Ripamonti And Throw, At the end of the weekend, the winner took possession of the top podium spot.

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