The 6 accessories you need to protect your bike

It’s terrible to say, but it will happen sooner or later. You can protect your bike with accessories. Here’s a list of what these accessories are and how to fit them.


UOne of the most enduring truths in the motorcycling industry is that Everybody falls sooner or later.. It is possible to protect your motorcycle just like you do for driving.

The ultimate goal is Minimize Possible the following: Do you have damage?Even minor falls can result in significant financial losses. The problem is that even a seemingly harmless fall – standing still from the stand while maneuvering – can be costly. Scratched fairingscrankcase broken engine, tank markedetc.

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These accessories are designed to protect your bike from falling thanks to their unique design. Do you have damage? They are possible It is very limited. They don’t come cheap and are inexpensive enough It is easy to assembleThey are very easy to install on bikes. It can almost be considered insurance. It is possible to save hundreds of euros by spending a few extra dollars before.

1. Frame sliders

The most important These are just a few of the protections available for your motorcycle. In the unlikely event of a low speed slip, a set of these protections will be invaluable. carter, fairings And chassis. It is important to check the way they attach to your bike before you buy them. They must be able bend in the direction of the retention screws, but not affect the fixing point, which in most cases will be the frame.

Usually They increase Own at the top of the engine and the frameThe operation is simple. They will need a key. dynamometric, a key a compass An extension and an old vine extension are both good options. It is better to use the supplied screws, as they are longer than the standard ones. To assemble the pads, work from one side at the time and take special care to avoid damage to the other. Always tighten them to the recommended torque.

2. To protect your bike, use handlebar counterweights

These are not accessories we consider essential, but they can provide a more vital protective function than simple balancing weights. They can be used as fall protection. First point of contact of the bike and the ground. These can slide on asphalt to limit damage.


3. Swingarm and fork pads

They are rarely seen on motorcycles with high speeds, as they slow down tire changing operations. However, they are more useful on street bikes or amateur tracks. This is the concept of Keep the fork legs elevated and the end swingarm above the groundThe pad and counterweight for the handlebar will be taken away. The hook can be used to support the workshop stand, and it can also be used as a hook.


4. Pawls to the stand

Thought They are not used for protection of the motorcycle. They can be used as an accessory for falls. indispensable For the Maintenance You will need a sturdy bike to use in the garage and the chain. They are often stored in a threaded slot underneath the swingarm. Others mount them on the rear wheels pin. For assembly of the former it is better to find those with the screw as short as possibleTo To reduce There are many ways to pull the thread out in the event that you fall.

5. Carbon frame protectors

It is easy to scratch or dent a frame by simply taking a walk in gravel along an escape route. These accessories are highly recommended, especially for those who plan to dedicate themselves to the track. Cover the exposed parts of the frame with a good quality cover. After disassembling the fairings, you can press them with a silicone-based adhesive to mount them.


6. Cover for crankcase

The crankcases can be easily damaged in case of collision. They can either crack open or open completely.The bike is parked on the asphalt. The crankcase that screws on is better than the one with glue, which could cause a slip.


Usually They can be mounted using the supplied hardware It is not necessary to remove the entire original one. The torque will be adjusted to the manufacturer’s specifications. A thin layer siliconBetween the protection and the crankcase Will provide A minimum of Absorption of shock.

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