The Signs of a Bad Motorcycle Stator

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Your motorcycle’s stator is a vital component. Because most people are scared of wiring, the electrical system in motorcycles is often the least understood. Strong stators are important for many reasons. How can you tell when it’s going bad though?

What are the signs of a poor motorcycle stator? A bad motorcycle stator can be characterized by no spark, weak spark or intermittent spark (also called misfiring). A bad engine running and hard starts are also signs that your stator should be replaced or rebuilt.

This article will discuss these symptoms and the causes. You will learn how to repair your own stator, and what you should expect to pay to buy a new one. You will learn the purpose and workings of the stator as well as how to spot a bad one.

Bad Motorcycle Stator Symptoms

Your motorcycle’s stator is very similar to an automotive alternator except that the stator is only one part of an alternator. The stator is responsible for generating the power needed to run the various electronic components of the bike.

The stator is also responsible for generating power to the spark plugs. Your motorcycle won’t get spark without a stator because your battery can’t provide the power required to spark a spark.

Your motorcycle will suffer if it has a bad stator. Your stator could eventually stop your motorcycle from starting.

It can be difficult to diagnose the stator because there are many possible symptoms. They are also signs of other components failing. It is easy to overlook the stator when you begin to notice problems.

Many signs can indicate a failing stator. You will notice that the engine is not working as it should. This can happen even when you start the motorcycle. You can tell if your bike is difficult to start or if it is becoming more difficult to start.

A failing stator may behave differently in cold than hot. This is a great indicator that your stator may be failing.

A bad motorbike stator can indicate many possible problems. You could get a very weak spark if the stator is not functioning properly.. This could be sporadic or continuous.

Sometimes, you may feel a bit sluggish while riding around.. It will worsen over time until there is no spark left and the bike cannot be started. It can be difficult to diagnose the bike because many of the same symptoms may appear when the spark plug, battery, or ignition fail.

We assume the other components are failing, so we don’t think about the stator. It will be very difficult to identify the problem.

Other issues may also occur in certain circumstances. You might notice that your motorcycle is running fine at lower speeds but becomes very rough when it reaches higher rpms. This can be caused by the stator’s bad high-speed coil. With the low-speed coil, it can also be the opposite. These are signs your stator may be failing.

Your bike may also start to work backwards, which you might notice.. A bad stator could be the cause. These are signs that may indicate that your stator needs to be replaced or repaired.

What Makes a Stator Fail?

Multiple reasons can cause a stator to fail. Time is the most important and often overlooked cause. All things wear out with time. Your motorcycle will wear out faster if it is not being used for a long time. All these elements will wear down your motorcycle components.

The stator will eventually wear down. It will eventually wear out if you take care of it. However, time is not good for any component on your bike.

Your stator may also fail due to power overload. It can happen if you use too many accessories at once. This can happen if you have too many accessories running at once, such as your headlights and heated grips.

The stator must keep up with all these accessories while also providing power to the spark plugs. The stator starts to work harder and generates more power. Your stator can be damaged over time. The overload can even cause the stator to burn. You have two options: repair the unit or replace it.

Can You Repair A Stator?

Let’s assume that your stator has just burned itself up. You can repair the stator at home. Is it better to take the stator to a shop for repair? It is possible to repair the stator. Although it will take some time and attention, you can still do the whole thing yourself.

It is very costly to replace all stators. A new stator costs between $300 and $400, but vintage or difficult to find motorcycles could cost as high as $1500. This is only for the part. Reparing the stator will save you a lot of money.

You first need to remove the stator, which is normally located under the left side engine covers. After you have removed your stator, you can do a visual inspection. This usually shows the problem very quickly.. If you blow the stator, you will usually shorten each of your phase windings.

Once the stator is removed, you can begin to remove the epoxy from the windings.. This will allow you to get to the windings, and then remove them. This can be a tricky part because epoxy is very difficult to remove. After you have removed the epoxy, you can easily remove the windings.

Now you can prepare your stator for rewounding. The stator will need to be filed. Now it is time to re-wound the stator. New AWG wire will be required. For the right size of enameled copper wiring, look at your motorcycle. Winding three phases can be tricky because you have to do it in one go. A diagram will help you ensure everything is correctly wound.

After you have wired all three poles correctly, you can cover the whole thing with insulating paint. This will make the stator last longer. After coating the stator you’ll need to bake it at 300° for 30 minutes. You can then attach the connector wires to each phase and place it back on the bike. It should be able to run as new.

How to Make Your Stator Last as Long As Possible

If you take good care of your stator, it will last a very long time. Many people have stators that last more than 200,000 miles. Your stator can also last that long. High amperage is the main reason stators can get burnt. Your stator’s life expectancy will be reduced if you require higher amps.

Your stator must perform certain functions, such as your spark plugs. This amperage cannot be reduced. The accessories are optional components that can increase the required amperage. Having many accessories makes it more difficult for the stator supply power to all your devices. To make your stator last the longest, keep your amperage as low as possible.

Your stator can also be damaged by vibration. The varnish that acts as an insulation on your stator windings can be worn off by vibration. This can cause the varnish to come off. If it does, you can cut the winding to reach the stator case.

Also, shorts can quickly ruin your stator. This is difficult to avoid. While you will do your best to avoid large bumps, your engine will still feel vibrations.

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