These are the 5 Best Motorcycle Helmets

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If you own a motorcycle large enough to fit a passenger behind you, you’ve probably asked yourself what kind of helmet you need for your passenger. It might be a little tricky if you have several different people riding with you on your motorcycle who all have different sized heads; it’s hard to keep up with the different sizes. You probably don’t want to have to buy a different helmet for each passenger you have.

While in college, I rode my motorcycle with a lot of people, mostly women, and I had a lot of fun. Because I love riding, I would take any excuse to go on a ride. Taking my first motorcycle restoration for a ride was actually my wife and I’s first date.

Due to the many passengers I had on my motorcycles, I wanted safety and security for all of them. There aren’t universal helmets on the market, but I was capable of doing extensive research and testing them out. Here’s a list of the best helmets I’ve found to work great for motorcycle passengers:

  • Triangle Full Face Motorcycle Helmet
  • Bell Qualifier Full Face Helmet
  • Fuel SH-FF0015 Full-Face Helmet
  • Speed and Strength SS700 Helmet
  • WOW Motorcycle Full-Face Helmet

It can be difficult to ride a motorcycle with passengers. You need to keep your passengers safe by always having a helmet handy, but you don’t want to pay an arm and a leg for a helmet that that will only be used occasionally. I get it because I’ve been there. These helmets I’ve suggested are nice on the wallet while providing quality safety for your passenger. I’ll explain why I like each of these helmets.

Triangle Full Face Motorcycle Helmet

The Triangle Full Face Motorcycle Helmet is a great choice, and it’s also very affordable.

This helmet has a simple design and is suitable for all riders, men or women. The helmet also has a release buckle latch that makes it easy to remove and put on the helmet. It also seems to have some pretty good ventilation so your passenger won’t be left sweating up a storm behind you. Proper ventilation is absolutely necessary so their face shield doesn’t fog up, that’s the worst.

The helmet is also DOT certified (Department of Transportation), so it is safe for you and your passengers. You can also remove the interior liner and wash it. This is great for multiple passengers. I’m sure your passenger will appreciate the cleanliness too. It’s really gross when you have to borrow someone’s helmet and it smells like a cheap bar inside.

Bell Qualifier Full Face Helmet

The Bell Qaulifier Full Face Helmet, link to, is an excellent option for a passenger helmet. It’s a little more costly than the other suggestions. This is the helmet I love. It’s quite fashionable and actually works as a great choice for the motorcycle driver too.

The visor comes standard with the vehicle, but you can also purchase tinted interchangeable ones depending on your preferences or the preference of your passengers. The ventilation is good and the visor can easily be adjusted if necessary.

This helmet is also DOT certified and has proven well to take care of a motorcyclist’s head in the event of an accident. It is highly rated and offers a lot of value.

One reviewer even reported that if the cheek pads are too tight or too loose, you’re able to exchange the pads for a better fit rather than exchange the whole helmet itself. This option is not available on many helmets.

Fuel SH-FF0015 Full-Face Helmet

The Fuel SHFF0015 Full-Face Helmet (link on is a fashionable and neutral looking helmet that can also be used as a passenger helmet for a motorcycle.

This helmet is a lifesaver and provides basic protection in the event that you are involved in a car accident. The ventilation works good, making it so you don’t have to defog your glasses at all if you plan on wearing any while having this helmet on.

This helmet meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and is DOT approved. It is vital to have a DOT approved helmet. If you’re looking at a helmet that isn’t DOT approved it just means the manufacturer cares so little about your safety that they didn’t even bother having their helmet impact tested. Or they had it tested and it failed, so just don’t get a non-DOT approved helmet.

The helmet comes with removable cheek pads, which can be cleaned easily by fellow riders.

Speed and Strength SS900 Helmet

The Speed and Strength SS900 Helmet, link to, is a bit more unique than others because it was made for motorcycle use. You can use any full-face helmet for these activities. However, I find it a bit more comfortable knowing that it was made with other motorsports in consideration. This means that it has been tested in all of these scenarios and works. Its ability to work on snowmobiles is an important selling point.

If you’re looking for a passenger helmet on a budget, this would be an excellent choice. It’s great quality and is easy on the pocket.

This helmet’s face shield is a must because it blocks 90% of the UV rays from the sun which makes day riding much easier and much more comfortable. This helmet is also approved by the DOT.

For your convenience, the liner in the helmet is removable and washable. And let’s face it, when we wear helmets our heads can get a bit sweaty, so this is a must!

WOW Motorcycle Full-Face Helmet

While I prefer black for my helmets, the WOW Motorcycle Full Face Helmet is available in a variety other colors (link to I personally choose neutral colors so my passenger doesn’t wear a crazy color they don’t like.

The helmet can be used as a passenger helmet and has both a matte or glossy exterior. The helmet has received excellent reviews. “Wow is right!”

This helmet is secure and comfortable, giving any rider the security they need on a motorcycle. This helmet is also DOT approved.

Some may be a bit skeptical because of the low price of this helmet, but remember you don’t need all the fancy bells and whistles on a passenger helmet because you won’t be using it near as much as you’ll be using your own helmet. All you need is something that will save someone’s life in the event of an accident.


It would be a perfect world if we could get a helmet that fit everyone’s head perfectly, alas everyone’s head size is different and would require different sizes. You’ll mostly have passengers with head sizes all over the spectrum.

A woman’s average head is 56 cm. – 57 cm. Approximately 22 in. – 22.5 in. A male’s average head is approximately 57cm. – 58 cm. Or approximately 22.5 in. – 23 in. There is no helmet which isn’t a “one size fits all,” But if you want to buy one helmet that will most likely fit the majority of your passengers, your best bet will be to purchase a medium sized helmet because it will generally fit a 57 cm – 58 cm head. This will likely cover most of the bases.

Make sure you check the size chart for each company. One business might consider a medium-sized helmet to be a large helmet elsewhere. Online shops will usually specify the exact measurements and ranges for each size.

Warning: If you are the passenger and they are wearing a helmet that you have borrowed, ensure it isn’t too loose. A loose helmet can cause serious injury in the event of an accident with a motorcycle.

If your helmet is too big, you should have someone else ride with you until you get a new helmet. It’s better to have a motorcycle helmet a little tighter than too loose. A helmet that is too tight can cause headaches. “warm spots” Do not put pressure on your skin.

I’d rather take a headache than less protection.

Loose helmets can cause severe damage. Having the helmet fly off is obviously one of the risks, but another risk that a lot of people don’t think about is the helmet spins sideways on you. Many riders have had their noses snagged by helmets that twist around and smack their heads. A helmet costs less than a nosejob, so be sure to choose the right helmet.

Here are some other things to keep in mind

A helmet is mandatory for any passenger riding on a motorcycle. A full-face helmet is mandatory for anyone riding a motorcycle. Although other helmets are more fashionable and comfortable than full-face helmets, they offer less protection. Too many motorcycle accidents result in death or serious head injury because of the helmet the rider chooses to wear.

Your helmet shouldn’t feel loose.. The helmet should not be able to move around in your head when you shake it.

You can measure the circumference around your head to determine the right size helmet for you or your passenger. This measurement should be taken starting from about one inch above your eye brows and going up to approximately half the length of your back. Some helmets for motorcycles can be measured in inches (in) or centimeters.

When putting on a helmet, you should have to work it a little in order to get it on; it shouldn’t be an easy placement. The padding should touch all areas of your head, pushing up on your cheeks and pushing down on your ears.

It’s also a good idea to inform your passenger about some basic safety rules while riding in the back of your motorcycle. Communication gets a little tricky when you’re out and about.

Your passenger should be familiar with basic hand signals, such as when to stop. You can also show them the places they need to hold onto, and you can work out what is most comfortable for you both.

It’s important to remind a passenger that holding still is extremely important while riding a motorcycleWiggling can make you lose your balance, especially when you are turning. My wife and I were taking a motorcycle ride together once. While we were turning a corner, she made a small adjustment and nearly lost her balance. I was able stabilize the motorcycle thanks to her.

For more tips and tricks on riding a motorcycle, click here.

Other gear that a passenger should use

Apart from wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle, a passenger needs to be aware of the other gear and clothing that is required. You don’t want your passenger to get hurt in other ways and feel it is your fault.

When riding on a motorcycle, a passenger should wear long pants. Your legs and theirs are very close to hot pipes, as well as wheels turning thousands upon thousands of times per minute.

Shoes that cover the entire foot and ankle of your passenger are essential. Never wear sandals or flip-flops. If you haven’t noticed already, ankles stick out and tend to find themselves in predicaments that really hurt them. Motorbikes have an extra danger for your ankles. I can’t count how many times I’ve burned an ankle on an exhaust pipe.

As extra protection, it is a good idea to have your passenger wear a jacket. It is best to have a leather jacket. However, it is possible to get a denim, or any other thick jacket.

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Are motorcycle riders legally required to wear helmets? A helmet is required for any passenger riding a motorcycle younger than 21 years old. A good rule of thumb is to always require that a passenger ride a motorcycle without a helmet, regardless of their age. If you are involved in an accident that results in your passenger being injured, both you and your insurer are responsible.

Is it illegal to use cameras on motorcycle helmets It all depends on how your camera is mounted. It is illegal to alter the helmet in any way. It is legal to attach Velcro or strapping to your helmet without altering it.

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