What is the best time to sell a motorcycle?

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Selling a motorcycle can seem like a daunting task, especially if you’ve never done it before. Anyone can feel anxious when they have to deal with shady people and meet up with strangers.

Many people might wonder what they can do to make selling their motorcycle easier. A common question is when is the best time to sell your motorcycle. This will help to ease the pain of such an unpleasant task.

What is the best moment to sell your motorcycle? The best time to sell a motorcycle is during the spring (March – May) months. The warmer weather will encourage more people to ride a motorcycle, which means there is more competition. When there’s more competition, a seller will likely be able to sell their motorcycle for more money.

I’ve sold many motorcycles and know from personal experience that spring and summer are the best months to sell. This article will show you why spring and summer months are the best times to sell your motorcycle.

Spring is the best time to sell

Having to sell a motorcycle is never a fun thing, especially when it’s not something you want to do but need to for financial reasons. Having to deal with everything that accompanies selling a vehicle doesn’t make it that much better.

To help ease your burden, It is best to sell a motorcycle during the spring and summer months. It will occur in the United States between late March and early September, if they have cold winters. The best time to sell is March, April, or May.

Spring time marks a sense of renewal, and it’s no question that people can feel that when they’re finally able to come out of the hibernation of their homes from the cold winter and feel the warm air outside. Motorcyclists feel the benefits when this happens. “the itch” Or the desire to ride a motorcycle.

In essence, spring is a time when more people are interested in purchasing a motorcycle. It is no longer cold, which is the greatest obstacle to riding a motorcycle. There’s more competition among buyers when you have more people interested in buying a motorcycle. If there are more people interested in buying a motorcycle, the price of your motorcycle could increase or decrease.

Selling your motorcycle in the spring or summer months will get you the highest price, especially from March through May. Alongside that, it’s likely you’ll sell it much more quickly compared to selling your motorcycle in the colder months. Society will have a higher demand in motorcycles because the conditions they’re in permit them to enjoy one.

Why Colder Months Should Be Avoided

Try to avoid selling your motorcycle in the colder months. Sometimes it’s not always possible to do this when situations arise and call for some quick cash from selling a motorcycle. However, it is possible that you will have difficulty selling your motorcycle during winter for the amount you desire.

One reason you should avoid selling in the winter is due to the time it’ll take to sell it. In the summer, it only takes a few business days to sell a bike. It can take several weeks, or even months in the winter. There just aren’t that many people in the market for a motorcycle when it’s cold because they can’t picture themselves on the road when the temperature isn’t that inviting.

It’s possible for a seller to become desperate and tired dealing with flaky people when selling a motorcycle and this is a higher likelihood during the winter and colder months of the year. Because it takes longer, sellers will lower the price because they think it’ll sell better or that they have it posted for too much. You won’t get as much money from your motorcycle if you sell during the winter.

Lastly, you’ll probably deal with some pretty obnoxious people when selling your motorcycle during the colder months of the year. You’ll already deal with unpleasant people no matter when you sell, but you’ll run into more during the winter. People who are looking to buy when it’s cold know they can get away with haggling the price down to an unfair amount because they assume the seller is desperate. This can be frustrating and demoralizing.

You can wait to sell your motorcycle, but it is best to hold off. You’ll get more money out of it, it’ll sell quicker, and you won’t have to deal with rude people near as much when you sell in the spring and summer.

How to get the most from selling your motorcycle at the right time

If you are planning on selling your motorcycle during the spring or summer, especially during the months of March through May, there are a few things you can do that’ll make your motorcycle much more desirable above the others and will sell much more quickly.

There will be some competition for your bike in spring as many motorcycle owners know that it is time to sell. Look online to see what motorcycles like yours are selling at. If possible, post your motorcycle for a lower price. Even if it’s just a few dollars lower, people see it as a deal and will likely contact you first.

Though this is kind of a no-brainer, I can’t go without mentioning how important it is to give your motorcycle a good clean. You’d be surprised at how many sellers don’t do this. A motorcycle that has been cleaned will be more noticeable than any other motorcycles on the market. Someone who is interested in buying has a higher likelihood of going through with the transaction because they see that you’ve taken good care of the motorcycle.

Take some pictures of the motorcycle during warm weather. Place your motorcycle in an area that is representative of the warm months ahead, such a road in campgrounds, canyons, or gardens. Prop it up to show others how comfortable it will look in the forecasted pleasant weather.

This will help people imagine much easier what the motorcycle will be like on the road and how it’ll be for them. This is very much a psychological approach to selling a motorcycle in the warmer months and I can assure you that it’s a tactic I’ve tried many times with successful results. Make sure to take a lot of pictures with different angles of the motorcycle so people aren’t left questioning if you’re trying to hide something on it.

A Few Exclusions

There will always exist exceptions to the rule. Everyone’s circumstances are different and you’ll need to assess you specific situation to know what’s best for you. You may need money quickly. If it’s the winter time and cold outside, it’s still completely possible to sell your motorcycle, you just won’t get as much if you’re in need of some extra income quickly. To find the right buyer quickly, use the tips we have already discussed.

Another exception to this rule is if you live in an area where it’s warm all year round. If you are in this situation, there is no best time to sell a motorcycle than around holidays. When warm weather is constant, there’s no predicting when society will get the “itch” You should buy a motorcycle so you can enjoy the warm weather.

Lastly, if you have a rare motorcycle you’re trying to sell, the time of year you sell it doesn’t matter as much. People are always looking for rare motorcycles, no matter what season it is. People love to own rare motorcycles, not to use them for transport but more as a status symbol.

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