What to do if your husband wants a motorcycle

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It could be your wife, a husband, or significant other who is interested in buying a bike. Most people avoid discussing this topic.

It can be scary to think about your spouse or significant other riding a motorcycle. There are horror stories about people who own them and the difficulties they have had to face because of their motorcycles.

How do you help your husband buy a motorcycle for him? If your husband wants a motorcycle and you don’t want him to have one, you’ll need to have a civil, open discussion with him about your concerns. You can be open to your husband’s side of the argument and you might consider setting boundaries or negotiations if he wanted to purchase a motorcycle.

Although I’m not an expert, I know that I have been there as a wife. He wanted a motorcycle, so my husband and I had a difficult discussion. He has owned more than a dozen motorcycles in the last five years. This is what I’ve learned and this is what has helped me through this process.

Your Husband’s Reaction to a Motorcycle

Talking to your partner or husband about whether they should buy a motorcycle can be difficult. It can lead to contention, and sometimes it can even cause serious fights between partners.

I’m not here to tell what you should or shouldn’t do in this particular situation. This is a discussion that should be handled on a case by case basis. Your husband will decide the best way forward.

However, I can give you some useful tips that may help you make the right decision. As I mentioned, my husband has owned more than a dozen bikes in the last few years. I was Not He was happy to purchase the first one.

My concerns included safety, time and cost. I didn’t want to end up a newly wedded widow. The biggest cause of contention in a discussion like this is due to the wife or significant other not wanting their husband getting a motorcycle because they’re “not safe” and the husband becomes frustrated because they feel like a child and can’t pursue a hobby they’re interested in.

You should not react negatively to the need to have this conversation with your spouse. This will only result in your spouse or significant other not wanting to talk about the issue.

A situation like this should be approached with open, honest, civil, and respectful communication. First, ask your husband why he wanted the motorcycle. Is he having a midlife crisis? Are his feelings just a result of being bored at home? Is it something he’s always wanted to do? Next, express the concerns you have about them owning a motorcycle and that it is because of your love for them that you feel you’re against it; you simply want them to be safe.

Don’t automatically tell them no. You can say that you’re against it and that the two of you need to discuss it thoroughly before a decision is made. Both of you are part of a team. A similar investment should be made by both of you.

I’m not saying you have to eventually say “yes” either. If you have had discussions and you still feel like your husband or significant other getting a motorcycle is out of the question, that’s a conclusion you’ll have to come to together. Negotiations should be held here (which we will discuss later).

What are the Pros and Cons of your Husband Owning a Motorcycle?

You should consider the pros and cons if you’re still mulling over in your mind about whether or not to “let” Your husband should buy a motorcycle. These are points that I researched and asked others. This was what helped me relax when my husband bought his first motorcycle.

I’ve also shared this list with others who were in a similar situation. This is what eventually led to a “no” For some, you can ride your motorcycle.

Pro your husband owning and riding a motorcycle is his happiness and less contention It’s kind of fun watching your husband or significant other purchase a motorcycle they’ve always wanted. It’s like they turn into a child at a candy store; the smile on their face is priceless and the amount of contention about the matter will significantly decrease.

Pro for your husband owning and riding a motorcycle: His mental health. A study has actually shown that riding a bike can increase your mental health. Being on a motorcycle means you’re spending more time outside. According to heart.org, being outside can reduce stress and anxiety, increase mood, and promote happiness and well-being.

Pro of your husband owning a motorcycle: he’ll increase his mechanical skills. Some may think I’m stretching it a little bit when I say this, but I assure you that I’m not stretching anything. Simple fixes are easy for motorcycles, which is why they are easier to handle.

When your partner learns how to fix a motorcycle, it may be less intimidating to work on your car. This can save you lots of money. My husband did this and it saved us thousands in car repairs. See our article for more information about riding a motorcycle.

Con of your husband owning an motorcycle: can be more dangerous. Motorcycles themselves are not dangerous vehicles, it’s the lack of protection they have that can be dangerous. Unsafe riding or riding while impaired can make it even more dangerous.

Your husband buying a motorcycle for you: it’s expensive. It’s no secret that in order to get a motorcycle, you’ll have to pay some money to get it. Not to mention the insurance and maintenance that’s required to keep up with it. This alone can cause problems down the road.

The con of your husband owning and riding a motorcycle. If your husband or significant other were to buy a motorcycle, they’d only have room for maybe a passenger and that’s it. Taking smaller kids on errands is not an option and using it for grocery shopping isn’t possible either. It’d be a vehicle strictly for recreational purposes and to get them from point A to point B.

Negotiations When The Answer Is No

If you aren’t willing to make a change and don’t want a motorcycle in your family, it could lead to more arguments and disagreements in the future. Saying no to your husband’s dream of getting a motorcycle can leave him feeling frustrated and with less control of his life. That’s why negotiating is so important.

Good compromises can be uncomfortable for both sides. A motorcycle is something your significant other wants but they can’t get it. What are you willing and able to do that will leave your husband feeling uncomfortable but make him feel happier?

You might be able to negotiate for him to get a dirt bike, or a four-wheeler, instead of a motorbike. Perhaps you’d be willing to let your husband or significant other still spend the money he would have on the motorcycle on something else he loves so he isn’t left completely empty-handed. Give them the feeling that they can control the situation.

Negotiations if the Answer Is Yes

If the pressure is on and you gave in by giving your husband the go-ahead to get a motorcycle, you can often be left feeling like you’re empty handed. That’s a big investment for something that you probably feel is a death trap waiting to happen.

These negotiations go both ways: if your husband or significant other is going to own a motorcycle, the two of you will need to compromise and leave you feeling like you’re getting something out of the deal.

You can compromise on what type of motorcycle your son gets. Instead of a bullet bike, perhaps you’d be more comfortable with him getting a cruiser. You can discuss how big of an engine you’re willing to let him get. You can also discuss riding rules.

For example, one condition I set for my husband when he got a motorcycle is that I didn’t want him riding on any roads that went over 50 MPH. He didn’t like it, but he agreed. Both of us were still uncomfortable, but we managed to meet in the middle.

Adding a motorcycle to the picture or completely shutting down the idea doesn’t have to be a win-lose situation. A situation like this can be helped by compromise.

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