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Arai helmets are a great choice if you’re looking for a new motorcycle helmet.

Then, you will be amazed at the price of Arai helmets.

Then you might start to wonder if it is worth the extra expense.

Let me be clear if you are looking for a motorcycle helmet. A high-quality helmet is always worth it. But, it begs the question: How much do we pay for the brand logo on our motorcycle helmets?

Why are Arai helmets so expensive for motorcycle riders?

Arai helmets have a premium build quality that exceeds safety standards. In-depth research and development, the use of high-quality materials and company philosophy are all factors that make them so expensive.

The price of a motorcycle helmet is determined by many factors, including:

  • Labor costs
  • Research and development
  • Testing
  • Materials
  • Quality
  • Options for customizing helmets
  • Additional features
  • Paint and finish
  • Marketing and branding

Manufacturing process and design

Expert specialists still make Arai motorcycle helmets. The shell, liner and paint job, as well as decals, installation breath guards, chin straps and vents are all done by skilled artisans. The only automated process is laser cutting the edges of the shell and eyes ports. Arai shell molds can also be made in-house. All shells go through two independent quality control checks.

Arai motorcycle helmets meet or exceed the safety standards set by the DOT, Sneel and other regulatory agencies. Arai states that motorcycle helmet safety standards are the starting point for helmet design and not the final goal. Arai helmets, including the GP-6 RCT, GP-6 RC, and GP-5 RC, are actually compatible with some FIA standards. FIA standards are met for F1, MotoGP and other motorsports.

Arai helmets are designed to maximize their impact absorption but also minimize the amount of energy absorbed during impact by improving the helmet’s ability to slide over and glance off objects.

Safety is where things get tricky. It can be very difficult for independent testing results to be found. Often people refer to SHARP’s testing results.

According to the SHARP’s testing, Arai helmets are among the safest helmets out there. Many helmets from Arai receive 3 to 5 stars in safety tests by SHARP. (With 1 star being your lowest, and 5 stars your highest.

It is important to note that the helmets are being tested for the UK market and that there may be regional differences in motorcycle helmet design.

Material and build quality

Arai helmets can be made from more than 20 materials.

Arai helmets’ shells are made from Super Fiber, which has a 30% strength advantage over conventional fiberglass. Super Fiber is stronger, has better tensile strengths, resists cracking and is more expensive.

A special resin developed by Arai is used to bond everything together.

Paint requires more than 10 steps.

This makes it a bit more difficult and costly to make one Arai helmet.

Adjustment and customization options

Arai helmets are available in three sizes: round-oval (intermediate-oval), and long-oval (long-oval). To customize and adjust the fit of cheek pads and temple pads, you can use peelable layers. Additional pads can be purchased if needed.

All this raises production costs.

Marketing, branding, and the market

Arai has a long tradition. Arai, a Japanese manufacturer of motorcycle helmets, began production in the 1950s for the Japanese market.

Arai has a solid reputation as a manufacturer and supplier of high-quality motorcycle helmets. It is not surprising that Arai will charge more for its name.

Arai helmets are also more expensive due to import taxes and the market. In the past, Arai helmets were often purchased from foreign vendors in order to save money. This practice has been stopped for a variety of reasons. Officially imported helmets can now be purchased in the US.

How does Arai helmets compare with other motorcycle helmets in price?

Arai motorcycle helmets typically cost between $520-$1,000. Open-face Arai helmets range in price from $250 to $750. On average, touring and dirt bike helmets are between $600 and $850. Arai helmets like the Arai Corsair-X RC can go for as high as $4,000.

Motorcycle helmets are available in a range of prices, from $35 to upwards to $1,800. Most motorcycle riders spend between $200 and $450 on a helmet. Arai helmets are certainly in the top bracket when it comes to helmet prices.

You can find a detailed breakdown of the prices in my article about motorcycle helmet costs.

Motorcycle helmets that are more expensive than those that are cheaper

There are many advantages to expensive motorcycle helmets, such as better comfort and fit and better airflow.

A safer helmet doesn’t necessarily mean a better helmet. All road-legal helmets must pass the same safety standards, so that they offer at least the minimum level of protection.

While different price points may make motorcycle helmets safer, there are many factors that can affect the comfort of the rider. A better fit and greater comfort can make a significant difference in the riding experience, especially for those who ride more frequently or on longer trips.

A helmet that isn’t comfortable or fits well can pose a safety hazard. Riders may experience headaches, fatigue, or even not enjoy wearing their helmet. All of these factors can lead to increased risk on the road as the helmet may end up diverting the rider’s attention on the road and traffic. A helmet that isn’t properly fitted may not provide adequate protection in the event of an accident.

Many cheaper motorcycle helmets have the same outer shell but have a smaller interior. This can affect the helmet’s overall weight and aesthetics. Other areas may be less common in cheaper helmets.

Some helmets are also cheaper and have the same interior shape. This fits only one type.

Are Arai helmets worth it?

Arai helmets are well worth the investment due to their superior design, build quality and comfort. This can prove useful for longer trips. Arai helmets may not be affordable to riders with limited budgets. They are more durable and can also be useful for those who do not have the means to purchase one.

Arai helmets are quieter and lighter than some other helmets. They have better airflow, ventilation and cooling. They also provide better visibility and fit. There can be a significant difference in padding quality and feel, as well the visor quality or latching.

The more expensive a helmet is, it will have more features, be lighter and more comfortable. More creature comforts.

Premium helmets are more comfortable and last longer than cheaper helmets, which tend to wear faster. The durability of expensive helmets is better and customer complaints are much less common. Visor and vent leaks as well as rubber breaking are very rare.

Arai helmets come with a variety of styles and sizes. This means that riders will be able to find the perfect Arai helmet for them. Arai helmets are very comfortable, even for long distance riding. You can also remove the padding to make it easier to wash and customize.

Overall, a more expensive helmet is generally worth it, depending on the rider’s budget. The best advice is to always buy the best quality helmet and the most comfortable fit. A more expensive helmet doesn’t necessarily mean a safer helmet. In practice, most riders will not return to a cheaper helmet, and they believe it is worth spending more money on a helmet.

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