Why does my motorcycle pull to one side?

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A few things can ruin a relaxing ride on a motorcycle. An annoying pull to one side of your motorcycle while you are riding is one of them.

It can not only be irritating if your motorcycle pulls to one side, but it could also prove dangerous if you are in an unsafe situation. And, unfortunately, it’s not an unheard of problem to happen with motorcycles.

Why does my motorcycle pull to one side? The misalignment of the handlebars and front tire can cause a motorcycle to pull to one side when it is on the road. This is often caused by misaligned front forks. You can also pull to one end due to wear on one or both of the front tires.

Having owned a dozen motorcycles myself, I’ve ran into this problem several times. It’s important this issue is promptly taken care of if you notice it happening to your bike. This article will explain why it’s happening and how to handle it when it does happen.

There are two reasons to pull left or right.

Sometimes it’s a surprise when your motorcycle pulls to one side. Sometimes it happens slowly, and you notice it eventually. Other times it is sudden and becomes a problem. However long it took for you to notice, here are some possible culprits as to why it’s pulling to one side.

An alignment problem between your handlebars (or front tire) is a common cause. The handle bars and front tire should be parallel to one another. This could mean that they can create a perfect 90-degree angle. When they’re misaligned from each other, you may feel like your handle bars are straight while your front tire points slightly to the side giving the sensation that your motorcycle is pulling to that side.

Sometimes the misalignment between handle bars and front tire can be caused when the forks are misaligned. It’s possible that the front forks were tightened down when they were still a little crooked.

This can also happen if the front tire is damaged from a hard hit, whether it was a collision with something or someone. If you your motorcycle was hit hard enough, it’s possible the handlebars were slightly bent as well which would also give the sensation your motorcycle is leaning to one side.

The handlebars connect to the triple clamp, which is at top of the forks. There are bearings inside, a bolt or two, and then your handlebars bolt onto it. Sometimes, if someone tinkers with that and doesn’t know what they’re doing, they tighten it down a little crooked.

So even if you put your handle bars on correctly, they’re still going to be a few degrees off. If you’ve recently loosened the triple clamp, this is likely the culprit.

A worn tire could also cause a motorcycle pull to one side. It could be that the entire tire side is worn, or that there is a bald area. A tire with a completely worn side is usually caused by a manufacturing defect. The tire can become bald if it is being dragged.

Low tire pressure can cause a motorcycle’s pull to one side. To ensure optimal traction on roads, motorcycle tires must be inflated to the correct size. If it’s flatter than it should be, the rubber will “roll” To one side or another, which often ends up pulling to the other.

Also, balance is a must for motorcycle tires. If a motorcycle tire is not balanced, it means that one side of the bike weighs more than the others. This will eventually cause the motorcycle to pull to the heavier side.

How to fix a pulling motorcycle

To fix a misalignment with the front forks, you’ll need to loosen the fork bolts, shake it a little bit to get it lined up straight, then tighten everything down again. You can take the motorcycle on a ride to check if it pulls to one side.

If you suspect a tire balance is your issue, you’ll need to take the tire in to a shop so they can use their heavy equipment to properly balance it for you. There are two types balancing. You want a circumferential balance so when you spin it, it doesn’t have a heavy spot that’s pulling and wobbling the tire.

That’s why they put those metal chips on the rim to balance out the weight of the tire. A shop’s equipment will easily be able to find the heavy spot that needs to be evened out.

Faulty tires can lead to a motorcycle being pulled to one side as it rides on the road. you’ll need to simply replace the front tire altogether . Luckily with motorcycles, you don’t need to replace both tires at the same time if the other tire is less than five years old and the tread looks good.

The triple clamp may be the reason your bike is leaning one way. I suggest you bring it to a shop where they can adjust it. There are many small ball bearings, and if one of them is lost, the steering can be permanently damaged. So unless you’ve done a fix like this before, let the professional mechanics do it for you.

Preventing Motorcycle Pulling To One Side

The steering system on a motorcycle doesn’t usually require much maintenance and most people don’t pay much attention to it unless a problem like this arises. Every so often, verify the alignment between your front tire and the handlebarsThey should be in perfect perpendicular alignment.

If you’ve had a hard hit anywhere on your motorcycle, check the alignment. Even if the impact was on the rear end of the bike, it is still a serious injury. Sometimes the motorcycle may seem just fine after a rough collision, but more often than not there is some sort of impact on the bike’s alignment.

Last but not least, ensure that both your tires are properly inflated. It’s best practice to check your tire pressure once a month or about every other time you fill up with gas. To determine the specific PSI of your tire, check the side.

Difference between A Right Pull and A Left Pull

People will often wonder if a pull to the right or a pull to the left on a motorcycle is worse or if there’s any additional indication of problems when it steers towards one direction.

It doesn’t matter if your motorcycle pulls to the left or right. The steering system on a motorcycle is basically symmetrical, meaning each side has the same parts and there isn’t one side that has an additional part or risk of failure compared to the other side. A pulling one way isn’t an indication of more problems compared to the other.

Why pulling is dangerous

A motorcycle that’s pulling to one side is a problem that shouldn’t be ignored. Untreated parts of the motorcycle can cause damage that could pose a safety hazard to you and your passengers.

A motorcycle pulling to one side isn’t an issue that’s simply going to go away one day. It will gradually get worse if it isn’t fixed. One of the biggest consequences you’ll face is wearing out your front tire much more quickly. And replacing a tire isn’t necessarily a cheap fix.

Another issue that you might have to deal with is getting thrown off balance. It can be very difficult to control a pulling motorbike with one hand if you have to lift your hand off the handlebar. There is a risk that you might run into something, get thrown off balance or misalign yourself.

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